Wild Salmon Jerky 1 oz. Pouch – Teriyaki

Alaska’s Best smoked salmon jerky from Trapper’s Creek is made from all-natural, wild salmon harvested from icy-fresh Alaska waters. Each salmon is hand filleted, carefully seasoned and slow smoked over cherry and alder wood for over 24 hours. Perfect for a healthy, easy and delicious snack — it’s loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids and packed with great taste! For a quick snack or lunch treat this 1 oz. bag of Alaska’s Best salmon jerky is made from all natural, wild salmon harvested from icy fresh Alaska waters. There are 12 packages of 1 oz pouches per order. Please order Original, Peppered, or Teriyaki.

Quick facts

  • Hand-cut from Wild King Salmon
  • 20% MORE Protein than Beef Jerky!
  • All natural ingredients
  • An excellent source of Omega-3
  • Contains no artificial preservatives

Top reviews

A unique snack

I bought these to augment my low carb diet. Frankly, I am not fully comfortable with the idea of having most of my calories come from saturated fats derived from red meat and bacon so I have been exploring alternatives such as avocados and fish. This product appealed to me because of the high omega 3, it’s fish, and it’s convenient. I bought both the original and peppered variety even though some reviewers cautioned they were inedible. Since I had to buy about 24 packets to make the shipping costs make sense I was somewhat nervous about this “gamble”. I am pleased to say that they are a perfectly acceptable snack. My only objection is that they are quite high in sodium, an unavoidable by product of any jerky product. So I won’t eat these every day, but they’re good to have around for snacking 2 or 3 times a week. I prefer the peppered over the original.
MartinTaylorville, IL