Wild Saskatoon Jelly, 5oz

Saskatoons are a sweet dark purple berry found in abundance around lakes and streams. Saskatoons ripen early in the spring and have a milky sweet taste. This is also a favorite of our Canadian friends to the North.

Quick facts

  • Saskatoon berries are also known as Service or June Berries.
  • Smooth texture makes a great treat on toast, muffins and pancakes.
  • Elegant water color labeling makes for a great gift.
  • Try this great taste in our Wild Saskatoon Syrup (Item #WS1207).
  • Makes a great cake filling too!

Top reviews

Tasty Treat on Toast

Saskatoon blueberries grow in profusion on saskatoon bushes, mainly in the northern regions of the US and southern Canada. The berries taste like blueberries, but are not quite as sweet. They make an excellent jelly, and this one is excellent. One often cannot find saskatoon blueberry jam or jelly, so this is a rare taste treat for toast. This jelly is also good spread on waffles and pancakes.


ArnulfoFuquay Varina, NC