Wiley’s Corn Boil Seasoning

Everyone loves the deliciously sweet taste of fresh boiled corn. Wiley’s Corn Boil is a unique blend of seasonings that brings out the corn’s natural flavor without adding calories, fat or cholesterol. You will love the taste, and there’s simply no need to add butter or salt. Enjoy!

Quick facts

  • Fat Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • No Need to Add Butter or Salt!

Top reviews

Corn on the Cob Queen

I cook all my Corn on the Cob with this season. It is the highlight of a dinner or Barbeque.
NoelleFiresteel, SD

Excellent seasoning mix

I found Wiley’s Corn Boil Seasoning to be an excellent mixture to season fresh corn. I wouldn’t dream of preparing corn on the cob without using it. The mixture enhances the taste of corn on the cob.
KennaWest Roxbury, MA