Williams Chili Seasoning Mix, 1-Ounce Packets

Seasons 2 lbs meat. No salt added. No MSG; No fillers; No preservatives; No artificial flavors; No artificial colors.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 24, 1-ounce packets
  • Chili seasoning mix
  • No artificial flavors; No artificial colors.
  • No salt added.

Top reviews

Great Seasoning

The Williams Chilli Seasoning is the best we have found in over 20 years . Living in Florida now we were unble to find this item in any of the stores. Reason being is there isn’t as much chilli eaten is warm climate as living in a cooler region of the USA . We were able to get this seasoning thru Amazon.com The seasoning is outstanding and is always the same quality. Recomend this item highly.
DebbieWoodworth, ND

Salt free

If you are on a low salt diet this is the chili powder you should probably be using. I’m no gourmet, but it makes good chili. I ran across it a couple years ago in a chili recipe that had won a prize in a contest that wasn’t for low salt chili. So it probably tastes as good to others as it does to me.

I haven’t seen another chili powder without salt. And I haven’t run across this one locally. Since you have to order online, it isn’t an imposition to have to get 24 packs and just stock up if you are a chili fancier.

AgnesWest Suffield, CT

Excellent product!

I bought a case of these to share. It is one of the best “no salt” chile blends I have ever made. You wouldn’t even believe there is no salt in it.
MargaretaRiva, MD

Originally Grandma’s Chili Powder

This has been a great find. My grandmother passed down her recipe for enchilada sauce that she got from her Hispanic neighbor in 1916 San Jose, CA. When Grandma’s stopped making Grandma’s Chili Powder, I couldn’t get it right. Williams is that spice EXACTLY. Life is good.
RickeyDamon, TX

It’s Always in Season.

We have been using Williams seasoning for sveral years and very glad we can get it on line now. It not only gives the chili a wonderful tast, we are glade there is no added salt which makes it healthier. We love it
Joe & Erma Kufchak
RudySection, AL

Cold Weather Foods

We have used this product for over thirty years, and have never found anything to equal it for quality and ease of use. It makes preparing chili a breeze. It is simply the greatest!
NgaColumbia, MS