Willingham’s Original Mild Seasoning 13.5 oz

Willingham’s first rub to conquer the barbecue world remains a delicious way to enhance just about anything you would bake, grill or smoke. Rub it on ribs, let it marinate for six hours, then bake, broil or barbecue.

Quick facts

  • Use on pork chops, or as breading for fried chicken.
  • Also great on bloody marys, baked beans – even salads

Top reviews


Wham!!! There is no other product like this in the world!!! No matter what i use it on, or who i serve it to we love it!!! Wham!!!
RashidaLive Oak, FL


I have been using Willingham’s BBQ rub for years on ribs, brisket, pork chops, chicken, shrimp, etc. It is incredibly versatile and adds wonderful flavor to each dish. The key to the effectiveness of any rub is the freshness of the spices and one whiff from this jar will convince you that you can’t get generate any more freshness other than to make the rub yourself. I have done that too and I couldn’t find a recipe that has produced as many consistent compliments as Willingham’s. WARNING…ice cold beer must be consumed while cooking and eating when using Willingham’s!
OrphaSalem, IA

Great Rub That Goes With Everything

Willingham’s Original Rub is an award winner for a reason. It’s delicious and really takes your meat to the next level. It’s good on steak, pork, chicken, etc. I use it on my ribs and get compliments every time. Highly recommend!
RicoCarroll, IA

Best dang seasoning EVER!

I purchased this product based on a referral from the Comedian/Radio Talk Show Host Steve Harvey. He put his seal of approval on it and for the most part, I have found him to be an expert on quite a few topics. The best thing about it is that you can use it for poultry, fish, and beef. I will get rid of all the other seasonings I have and clear my pantry. And it tastes so right on all my meat! I chose the original, mild seasoning.
NorineAtco, NJ

Willinghams Rub

We love dry rubs. My sister sent us Willinghams to try and we’ve been hooked. It is peppery and sweet and goes with anything on the grill. Our new favorite.
LashawnaMurray City, OH

Pure magic!

My son eats this stuff with a spoon. I just shake it directly on my tongue.

The Willingham name is famous in Memphis for great barbecue, and this is one of the reasons. I always keep 3-4 bottles of this on hand cause I’m afraid of running out. Works well even with jerk chicken and fish but where it really shines is on ribs or pork shoulder. It has transformative power. Also works well with John Boy and Billy’s Hot BBQ Sauce.

ShelbaHayti, SD

Totally AMAZING !

I use to live in Memphis, TN and actually was handed a free bottle of seasoning by the creator and owner of the company, at that time just starting. I have used this product ever since, and make sure that i have extra bottles in my cabinet. If you rub this on your ribs the night before, and put them covered in the refrigerator the night before, and then put the ribs and some additional rub in a large stew pot and cook the ribs slowly; you’re in for a wonderful experience.

If you love BBQ sauce, after you take the ribs out of the water put them on a large cookie sheet after dipping them in your BBQ sauce. Cover with foil, and bake 200 degrees for 2 hours. If you really plan ahead, dipping in BBQ sauce the day before and allowing the sauce to melt into the ribs only enhances the experience.

NEVER add BBQ sauce to any meat on an open flame. The sugar will carmelize when removed from the open flame and seal the rest of the BBQ sauce flavoring out of the meat.

LilliPetersham, MA


We have had wham before and everyone we introduce it to raves about it. It seasons just about anything from steaks to shrimp to chili.
BryanWest Townshend, VT

Best meat rub ever!

We were introduced to this product several years ago, and have not found one yet that meets it’s match. We love it on beef and chicken. Try it, I am sure that you will love it also and enjoy your meat even more.
AlbertFairfield, FL


I love this seasoning for almost anything on the grill…but the consistency was not what I’m used to with this. In the past it is always very smooth flowing…not all globed together like these bottles. So tired of having to return things and deal with the hassle, so I just mash it with a spoon before using 🙁
WilsonEucha, OK

A Must Have!!

I absolutely love this rub, and I have been hooked on it for years. It has a great kick to it, and I have found it to be great for beef. I have even used it in batter when frying chicken or making country-fried steak.

If you ever had the chance to try it in John Willingham’s restaurant in Memphis (while it was open) or at Memphis in May’s World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest (BBQFest), you already know what I am talking about!

JefferyPlymouth, IL


I grew up on this rub. I was sooooooo soooooo happy to find it on here. Got here fast to crush my craving for some home made burgers with this awesome rub!!!
LeonardaEast Point, LA