Wilton Ready To Use Decorator Icing, White

You can do it all with Wilton decorator icings! Perfect roses or beautiful borders can be piped right from the can. Wilton is the only ready-to-use icing ideal for all decorating. The pure white color of our white icing means decorators will achieve the true colors they want. Rich, creamy texture and delicious taste are great for frosting and filling cakes, cookies and cupcakes. One can covers two 8 or 9 in. layers or one 9 x 13 in. cake. White

Quick facts

  • 1 lb. can white
  • One can covers two 8 or 9 inch layers or one 9 x 13 inch cake
  • Ideal stiff consistency for making roses and flowers with upright petals

Top reviews

You’re better off buying or making different icing

This product isn’t that impressive as far as taste goes. Yes, it’ll do what you need it to do for drop flowers, shells, rosettes, etc. But you could just as easily buy meringue powder (dried egg whites) at the supermarket and add it to a regular can of store icing or even homemade buttercream for a much better taste. If taking a Wilton coure, they try to sell you their entire catalog of products, which would explain why this is recommended for the class. It tastes like Crisco-y vanilla. I’d be embarrassed to use this on a cake or cupcakes that I am serving to people. It’s really not a pleasant taste.

If you do want to buy this for a Wilton course or another reason, buy it at Michaels, AC Moore, or a local baking supply store. I love Amazon–really, I do. But this is listed at nearly $9.00 here. At Michaels it’s less than $4.00 (use a coupon and it’s a little more than half that). At a local baking supply store, it was $3.29 plus tax. I have no clue why this is so ridiculously overpriced here, and I’m annoyed I actually could have bought two or three at Michaels for the price of ONE here.

KaryLudlow, PA

I think taste is in the mouth of the beholder…

My mom used this frosting on my sisters wedding cake and I thought it was amazing…even better than the icing on my pastry chef made wedding cake!

I was surprised to see bad reviews for this frosting because I love it so much that I changed my own frosting recipe to mimic it. It’s a heavier frosting, but lighter (weight/sweetness-wise, I have no idea if it has less or more calories) than pure buttercream frosting feels.

I noticed the bad reviews and had to redeem this frosting. I really liked this frosting and quite a few people at my sisters wedding did as well.

LeoraHolyoke, CO

Best Frosting Ever

I’ve made a million different icing recipes because I am such a picky person when it comes to frosting and I am against buying canned icing because it tastes too generic. After a friend of mine introduced me to Wilton Ready To Use Icing, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe that an icing so perfect for decorating and so creamy could taste so good! In my opinion, it’s not crisco-y at all compared to most recipes made with shortening. It’s sweet but not too sweet to over power the flavor of the cake. Wilton hit a home run on this one!
PamelaNebraska, IN

Not a good taste

I agree with a previous reviewer that the taste of this is very Crisco-y. The only reason I gave it two stars is for convenience. Yes, the Wilton class will mention as many of their products as possible (which is fine, they sponsor the class, but some products are NOT good). You just have to pick and choose which products are actually beneficial for you…and some you can buy in a different brand but the same basic product. As for this icing, I plan to make my own once I am done using the one jar for my class. Actually, you are supposed to make your own batch of icing for the second class session, so maybe it will taste a little better even made with Crisco. I’m going to switch to REAL buttercream with BUTTER after the class. You can also use the 40% or 50% off coupons in the paper or online to buy the meringue powder from one of the craft stores, which is a good deal.
SerinaReno, OH

Wilton Frosting

The frosting did not taste very good, but it decorates well because it is stiff. I suggest you make your own if you care about taste more than appearance.
MariluGarber, IA

Bad taste

Good for making flowers, leaves, piping; but not for frosting an entire cake. It has a waxy, stale, artifical flavor.
SusanaSussex, WI


I almost didn’t buy this because of the bad reviews, but I’m so happy I did. I almost feel bad admitting to it, but.. these never made it on a cake, cookies or muffins. Little by little I ate 2 of these over a few days period while I was stuck in the house. I’d have a spoon here and there when I was craving something sweet, I added it to oatmeal and cream of wheat instead of Nutella… It was delicious. (Hey, don’t knock it til you try it!)

Can’t say I’d buy it again and pay $6-7 for shipping, but if I see them in a store or on Amazon with free Prime shipping again, I will.

TerrellChatsworth, NJ

Overpriced and Not Needed

This icing is average and unfortunately expensive. Wilton will insist that you bring this to your first class, ignore them and make it yourself. The Wilton recipe is all over the internet, is fairly cheap to make and is what you’ll be making for your second class. This tastes fine, but is far too expensive for what you get.
The only way I would get it again is if it were on sale because it does give you icing of the right consistency for your first cake decorating class, if you’ve never made icing before.
HuongPellville, KY