Happy Birthday Tower


Quick facts

  • Includes some of San Francisco’s favorite treats like Jelly Belly and Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn
  • Enjoy 10 wonderful flavors and Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • The Snaps are shortbread cookies in powdery sugar with a delightful little snap of raspberry
  • Topped with a hand-made bow
  • Each gift is made with careful detail in California
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

A Good Birthday Present Solution

If you are not sure what to send someone for their birthday, this birthday gift box tower just might be the solution you are looking for.

Because of the Birthday Bear that is included in this gift tower, it may appeal more to the female persuasion initially, but the enclosed contents, a great mix of sweet and savory can be enjoyed by everyone, from young people to older adults.

There are a total of 4 Individual Gold Gift Boxes in graduated sizes, all tied up with a nice green and accented purple ribbon bow, which ties all 4 gift boxes up neatly.

The Savories Included Are: A Round Box Of Pepper Jack Cheese Wedges, which comes along with A Small Stainless Steel Cheese Knife, A Box Of Three Pepper Water Crackers, A Savory Snack Mix Box, A Bag Of Dill Seasoned Sourdough Pretzels, and A Small Box Of Smoked Almonds.

The Sweets Included Are: A Box Of 10 Different Flavors Of Jelly Belly’s, A Bag Of Fleur De Sel Caramel Popcorn, A Box Of Sweet Butter Cookies, A Small Box Of Licorice Candies, which I did not try, because I do not care for the taste of licorice, and A Box Of Raspberry Snap Cookies, which I did try. They were very tasty and crunchy, a new taste treat for me.

There is even One Sweet/Savory item, A Box Of Cranberry Harvest Medley, which is a combination of dried cranberries and almonds, very tasty.

The final item in this Gift Box Tower is a very cute, seems to be a very well made sort of ivory colored Happy Birthday Bear, that wears a Purple Happy Birthday Hat, with Curly Ribbons of pink, green and purple colors. The bear will be a nice keepsake after you eat up all of the goodies, which are 2 Pounds in total.

The food items I did try were fresh and tasty. The 4 Gold Gift Boxes will be resused, would be perfect to use for anyone’s gifts since the color is gender neutral, would be wonderful to keep on hand, or to keep for yourself to store things. The Gold Gift Boxes are not the real flimsy kind. A few of mine tho were alittle scuffed up, both inside and outside, but you would probably use tissue paper inside the boxes anyway, if you were using/reusing these boxes for gifts. I notice everything, because Iam very detail oriented, but it’s not a big issue.

I love things that can be reused like these boxes, something like this bear to have after you eat all of the goodies, even the ribbon can be reused, so in this sense I also feel that this is a very practical gift too.

I love all of the individual colorful packaging too.

I think this Gift Box Tower would be a very good idea to add to your what should I get for someone’s birthday?, if you aren’t sure exactly what someone would like, or even if you do know what they like, even say for a office gift. I think this Gift Box Tower would work well for many employment situations.

This Gift Box set may just be the problem solver you need for your next gift giving dilemma!

NannetteNew Castle, PA

Perfect Gift Package For A Family!!

I was surprised by the quality, quantity & variety of the snacks and treats – DELIGHTFULLY surprised!! This would make the perfect gift for a family of 3-4 people. Something for everyone (Nana went nuts over the almonds – no pun intended & my son loved the cookies & Jelly Bellies), and everything was completely delicious (my favorite was the large bag of raspberry snaps)…it even included a cheese spreader with a nice wooden handle (my husband enjoyed the pepper jack & gourmet crackers)! Each item was larger than the snack packages that you find in other gift baskets – more than one serving per package.

The birthday bear is well put-together & not some cheap stuffed toy (when I tugged on the fur & seams, nothing came loose).

The beautiful boxes are an added bonus…not only are they a lovely gold, but they are VERY sturdy, and could easily be reused for future gifts. In the meantime, they store inside of one another, like matryoshka dolls, saving space.

I’ve seen similar gift packages for $50 to $90, but they weren’t as impressive as this tower set.

BenjaminMeriden, IA

Beyond my expectations

When this arrived I was confused by the large box it was shipped in, I didn’t remember ordering anything that would be as big as it was. When I pulled out the tower I was very pleasantly surprised at its size and the content! I thought something half its size was going to show up. The listing doesn’t have a price and I can judge well at the size of some things by the price. I immediately sampled each item with my husband and this is what we thought of everything.

Jelly Bellys never let me down. The box has 10 flavors: Very Cherry, Watermelon, Pear, Green Apple, Tangerine, Blueberry, Buttered Popcorn, Cinnamon, Coconut, Licorice. Serves 3.

Smoked almonds were very, uh, smoky and a bit too salty. They were okay. Serves 2.

Sonoma pepper jack cheese had a nice flavor but the texture is strange. I don’t know if that is because it wasn’t refrigerated yet or what. I’ll stick with eating it on crackers instead of eating it alone. Serves 6.

Angelina’s butter cookies were so-so. Serves 3.

Dill sourdough pretzel nuggets were great! I only had one, but I look forward to them as a snack later tonight. Serves 2.

Licorice Petites. My husband and I hate licorice, so I can’t review it. Three individually wrapped pieces come in the little box. I’m saving them for when my dad visits. Serves 3.

Raspberry Snaps were different. I’ve never tried anything like it. Not overly sweet and a good texture, they were dusted in a light pink powdered sugar. Serves about 2

Cranberry Harvest Medley is I think my favorite of the bunch. Dried cranberries with roasted almonds go so well together. Serves 2.

Caramel popcorn was delish and it only has 100 calories. The box has one decent sized serving in it.

Three pepper water crackers were good, especially with the pepper jack cheese. They aren’t too peppery and have some kind of light seasoning. Serves 4.

The cheese spreader came in handy.

Savory snack mix was yummy. It tastes similar to Gardetto snack mix you can find at any grocery store. Serves 2.

The bear is really cute. I love him!

I wish I knew what the cost of this item was going to be so I could say if it is worth buying. Judging by my experience with gift towers I can see the company charging roughly $80 for it which considering what it is and the variety you get I’d say is worth it. It will certainly bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

MelisaCenterpoint, IN

Packaging is the most impressive part…

This 2-pound “Happy Birthday Tower” comes in BEAUTIFUL gold-wrapped boxes daintily tied up with a pretty ribbon and topped with a bow.

Here’s the deal, though: you don’t get to choose the contents. This particular collection has Smoked Almonds, Jellie Bellies, Sonoma Jack Pepper Jack Cheese, Angelina’s Butter Cookies, Dill Seasoned Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets, Licorice Petites, Raspberry Snaps, Cranberry Harvest Medley, Fleur del Sel Caramel Popcorn, Three Pepper Water Crackers, Cheese Spreader, Savory Snack Mix, Happy Birthday Bear.

Out of this bunch there were several I/We weren’t interested in very much. Now HERE’s an idea (because truly, the boxes/wrapping make this an ideal “gift” in a “somebody must LIKE me, because just LOOK at how pretty these gold boxes are!” kind of way.)

The customer needs to be able to CHOOSE the contents (with the cost of the whole tower adjusted accordingly.) Someone wrote earlier about the “oreo generation” – but if you had someone with a serious double-stuff jones, they’d probably rather receive oreos than Dill Seasoned Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets. I’m just saying – have a page of “choose your contents here” then the vendor wraps YOUR selections up in the pretty gold boxes. NOW you’ve got something.

SaulCalistoga, CA

Wish the contents were as impressive as the packaging.

I loved the way this looked in the beautiful gold boxes and ribbon in a tall tower. I was a bit disappointed though when I opened it all because it seemed like nothing all that special. The foods inside were fine but they looked like they were going to be amazing by the packaging. Something with a fancy name Ive never heard before was chex mix and a few of the other things came in very tiny quantities. The Birthday Bear was by far the best part. It is adorable.
LarissaOakville, CT

3.5 Stars – Inconsistent mix of quality in food and packaging

The picture looks better than the actual product, I’ll begin by saying. When I received the package, I was surprised by how cheap the gold-colored boxes looked. Some of the gold paper was peeled off or scratched, and in some of the boxes the white lining paper was also ripped, showing the gray cardboard underneath. I had thought I could reuse those boxes as gift boxes, because they are pretty sturdy, but I won’t because of the scratches and rips. Instead of boxes bursting with snacks, each box only contained two to three items, in most cases leaving a lot of empty space. Though overall there was plenty of food, it didn’t seem like it because of the presentation. No colored tissue paper or anything to make the boxes look fuller.

The selection and quality of food also varied:

Smoked Almonds: I like smoked flavoring but something was off. Too strong? They were okay.

Jellie Bellies: A medium sized box of them.

Sonoma Jack Pepper Jack Cheese: I liked how they were individually wrapped into wedges. A
spreader was included! A nice addition.

Angelina’s Butter Cookies: These are just like those Danish cookies in the blue tins.

Dill Seasoned Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets: Much too salty; they could have been so much better if there was less salt.

Raspberry Snaps: These were delicious!Biscuits with rasberry flavored powder and flecks.

Cranberry Harvest Medley: Good because it’s an almond-cranberry mix. But nothing special.

Fleur del Sel Caramel Popcorn: This was good. The popcorn was crunchy and didn’t stick to your teeth.

Three Pepper Water Crackers: Went well with the cheese. I liked them.

Savory Snack Mix: The same as Chex Mix.

Licorice Petites: haven’t tried

Happy Birthday Bear: Eh. Not so cute that I would give it to anyone over 8 years old.

The serving size of packages like the Cranberry Medley and Savory Snack Mix, pretzels, licorice and popcorn would only feed about one person.

Overall, I’m slightly disappointed; everything seemed kind of cheap to me, rather than gourmet, which is what I was expecting. One would proably do better to make their own gift tower than drop $50 or so on this one, in my opinion.

TelmaBoalsburg, PA

What a wonderful surprise!

I have to admit, I loved opening this package! It was wonderfully wrapped with the gold boxes and a beautiful ribbon as shown. Inside each box was a surprise, or more accurately, several surprises.

I saved this to share with my staff at our monthly staff meeting. Everyone seemed to enjoy the variety. Licorice petites were flavorful. Just right for our resident licorice addict. I, of course, went for the carmel popcorn and the nuts. The little Raspberry Snaps melted in my mouth. The variety pack of Jelly Bellies were a big hit as were the dill-flavored sourdough pretzel nuggets. In fact, nearly everything was tasty although a few things, such as the butter cookies, were not so special.

The Happy Birthday bear in the bottom box was a surprise. Very cute.

The only thing that seemed missing to me was any kind of chocolate. Folks, if you’re going to send this to women, you NEED some chocolate in there.

All in all, this would make a welcome family gift for several people to enjoy a treat.

MatildeDublin, CA

Nice variety, lots of packaging

This birthday package was huge! And the packaging was lovely. Once I unwrapped it, there wasn’t *quite* as much inside as the multiple boxes suggested there might be, but what was in there was high quality: several trail mixes, jelly beans, cookies, a stuffed bear, cheese, crackers, nuts, pretzels, candies. The individual packages were small (but NOT tiny), but there were a few of them. I would say there would most certainly be something for everyone in the package, and the snacks were quality – I’m a relatively picky snacker and there was nothing in there I wouldn’t eat.
BuddyAlpine, TN


This is a B-I-G package, and it looks great. However, the contents leave much to be desired. First, I take exception to the fact that the products are just sitting in each box (with the exception of the final large one which houses the teddy bear and has some crushed paper at the bottom to protect it). Some tissue would help relieve the bare-bones look of each box’s contents. Second, better than half the products are just not all that tasty. The Sonoma Jacks Pepper Jack is really unpleasant – packaged in wedges in a round container. The cheese has an unpleasant, wet texture and isn’t at all appealing. The Tavolare snack is just odd. The smoked almonds have an overly salty baconish taste, and the pretzels are also overly salty. The best things are the Licorice Petites, The Fleur de Sel Caramel popcorn (which was my absolute favorite) and the Raspberry snaps. I suspect this is an expensive gift and based on my taste samplings, I wouldn’t recommend it.
GaylordSaint Francisville, LA

Great gift for sophisticated palates, but several products were open on arrival

My first impression of this gift tower when taken out of the box was that it is surprisingly large. Those who are experienced with ordering from gourmet food markets may have become accustomed to miniaturized products – those stick-of-butter-sized cheese sticks and sausage logs, for instance. This tower doesn’t just weigh several pounds, but it’s tall. It’s also pretty. The gold boxes are sturdy enough to withstand shipping and the ribbon was attractively displayed. Everything looked from the outside exactly as it should.

Don’t let the presence of the jelly beans and the teddy bear fool you into thinking that this is a child’s gift. Most of the items will appeal to a more sophisticated palate. My 14-year-old son was extremely interested in the idea of the box but lost that interest pretty quickly once the contents were unpacked. Of course, there are kids with more discriminating tastes, but the Oreo generation may be generally unexcited.

The teddy bear included is small but excellent quality – decorative and highly detailed.

While I myself am happy with the diversity of items, there was one major issue that detracted seriously from the impact of this item as a gift: three of the packages were open. Two of them – the raspberry snaps and butter cookies – looked as though it could have been damage in the packing process, since the boxes they were contained in were undamaged. Since the inner packages were not breached, the fact that the top of one and the bottom of the other was open was not a major issue. However, the top was completely detached from the Sonoma Jacks Gourmet Cheese Wedges package – almost as if somebody had deliberately pulled the paper strip keeping the package closed – and the soft wedges were loose in the box. The only way I can imagine this happening in shipping is if the box was shaken so much that the weight of the cheese wedges themselves tore the paper strip closure. If that’s what happened, I surely hope that the company will modify it’s packing practices to keep it from happening in the future. While they are still wrapped in tinfoil and still edible, it’s a disappointing failure of display in what should be an otherwise spectacular gift.

Other reviews don’t mention this, so it’s possible that something out of the ordinary failed in my product, which I was given as a free review copy. But I have to review it as a I received it. While I was impressed by the size, quantity and quality of the selection, the three open packages – and especially the cheese – give a major hit to my satisfaction. If not for that, this would have received 5 stars. Because of that – unless they fix it so that it can’t happen again – I can’t give it more than 3.

CarlaYale, IA