Something Sweet & Savory Snack Gift Basket

A little bit of sweet combined with a little bit of savory makes this gourmet food basket a wonderful medley of snacks for the holidays, a special occasion, or just because you care.

Quick facts

  • This festive, hand-crafted gift basket is great for the holidays or any time of year
  • Contains Butter Toffee Pretzels, Three Pepper Water Crackers, Sonoma Jack Pepper Jack Cheese, and more
  • Packaged in a re-usable wicker basket
  • Topped off with a hand-made bow. Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Each gift is carefully made with detail in Berkeley, CA

Top reviews

Stubborn retailer refuses to correct error

I thought I had found a perfect Christmas gift for an out of town sister who is allergic to chocolate. I ordered and shipped a gift basket called “Something Sweet & Savory.” It contained no chocolate. I was on vacation when the basket arrived and did not hear that my sister received a gift basket containing primarily chocolate until I returned home January 1. I contacted immediately. They replied that she should return the basket and they would ship another one. My sister had tossed the packing box by that time and had no way to return the basket. I again contacted and they gave the same reply. “Return the basket first.” She cannot use the contents or return the basket. Stalemate. offered NO OTHER REMEDY. And — to add insult to injury — my sister never did receive a package of Harry & David chocolate covered nuts. I will never order from this retailer Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket
NadiaSaint Francis, AR

I liked it, I hope they will like it too…

I like the idea of food gift basket. Most people are able to find some items that they like in it. And, I am always avoiding the food baskets that contain all-too-sugary stuff. So, this one had some variation, as its description lead one to believe. I like the presentation and it arrived in good condition. Tomorrow I will give it to my parents-in-law and I have no doubt that they will like it.
NanciSan Lorenzo, CA

Not what I ordered

The basket that I ordered (Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket) was not what arrived, none of the listed items were in the basket I received. Very disappointed in this product.
DevinMosca, CO

very poor packing

I am very disappointed about this gift basket. I will probably keep it for myself because it looks so cheap. They packed it FLAT maybe for easier shipping. The basket just looks too far from what I see in the picture.
SpencerWashington, CA

Great Gift For All!

Gave this to my neighbor and her family. She loves sweets, but her husband doesn’t. And then the kids are very picky eaters. I wasn’t quite sure with this gift, but turns out they LOVED it! There was something for everyone, which made them all happy. Believe me, you can’t go wrong with this one!
LennaNorth Stonington, CT

Okay, not as much as it looked like online

I do like this gift basket, my husband and I gave it to my sister-in-law as a gift. We did feel that it needed a few more items added to really give it a “full” look. We added some local chocolates and other treats. The packaging was very pretty and I do think that it would be a good gift for someone who you have trouble buying things for or to be shipped. I will consider buying other baskets from this company, but I may end up adding other items to make them a bit more personalized. :o)
CurtisParkin, AR

basket case

It seems mean-spirited to criticize a basketful of goodies which I got for free (courtesy of Amazon Vine), but every item in this basket is so stale as to be virtually inedible. It’s an attractive woven basket stuffed with what I’m sure were delicious goodies way back in 1812, which is when, I’m guessing, this basket was assembled.
PauleneDallardsville, TX

Something sweet and Savory

This basket of products is a complete waste of money. It costs about $35.00 and there is not enough food in it to say so. I could have went to the market, bought a basket and filled it with a lot more and better products. When I went to see about returning it I found out that it is not returnable. I will never buy a basket like this again. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
BenjaminLake Huntington, NY

Sweet and Savory Basket

I sent this as a gift. My sister, the recipient, said that the packaging was lovely, but that was the best part of the basket. The food inside was scimpy and not the quality you would expect from a gift basket. I would not send this to anyone else or purchase it for myself.
KaylaCamp Pendleton, CA

Great Gift for Mothers Day

My mom loved this basket, she has eaten about everything in it and loves it. I ordered this on the Thursday before mothers day and used Amazon Prime two day shipping and it arrived promptly on Saturday, I had to keep my mom from opening it after I told her it was her mothers day gift.
ElisaMannington, WV

Great Gift

This was beautifully put together and made a perfect Christmas gift. It was hard to decide who to give it to, but I ended up giving it to my neice and her husband. I was sorry I didn’t buy more!
TracyMineola, NY

Bizarre but yummee!

There were a few items in the basket (Peppermint Popcorn) that were items no one had ever had before, but they were good! My favorite (and everyone else’s too) were the butter cookies. Yum!
PollyChamois, MO


It is a small basket, well packaged, looks nice. There just isn’t a whole lot in there, and what is in there are small amounts (ie big box half full). I have ordered/received other baskets from and been very pleased with them. I suppose for under $20 it is not a bad buy/gift.
DelphiaPuerto Real, PR

Great Mother’s day present

My mother was so pleased with this basket. So I would use this service again to send a present to someone that has everything.
JanetteWaynoka, OK

Sweet and savory

This basket was filled with a decent assortment of sweet and savory items. The basket is a lot smaller than it looks on the web site. This would make a good gift with a bottle of wine.
VictorIndian, AK

Sweet and savory snacks in a nice gift basket

This Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket comes with a variety of sweet and savory snacks in a well crafted and sturdy basket, wrapped in cellophane, and topped with a red bow. The packaging is slightly different from what is depicted in the main picture of this web page. I have uploaded a couple of pictures of this basket as it was just out of the shipping carton, the way the gift recipient would have seen it. It looks good. The goodies are in nicely printed and well-designed boxes and match exactly what are described on the web page. They are delicious. I like the Partners toasted sesame crackers especially. I ate them with a sliver of the Sonoma pepper jack cheese. The crackers are fresh and crunchy and the cheese flavorful – yummy! The basket is oval and measures 11″ X 14″ at the widest points and 3-1/2″ deep with crescent handles. The rim and bottom are made of wicker and the sides are woven out of ropes. (Yours may vary.) After one eats up all the goodies, one can use this basket for oven-baked hot rolls or silk flower arrangement on the dinning table. This basket will make a nice gift as a token of appreciation to my friendly neighbors who collect my mail and watch over my house while my family is away for vacation. I wouldn’t give it to my little woman for our wedding anniversary, however. For that occasion, a brand new BMW Z4 roadster with a giant bow on the hood would be more appropriate.
MalvinaVan Buren Point, NY

Nicely put together, but taste of the products wasn’t so great.

This gift basket was extremely nice looking. It was packed with snacks and cheese. What I liked most was the smoked almonds. They were a little on the salty side, but they were pretty good. The butter cookies were kind of stale, and I didn’t care for the cheese that came with it. The crackers tasted a little stale as well. The trail mix wasn’t too bad, but I just don’t think it was worth the price. The boxes of snacks were pretty small, and if I had to purchase what was inside this gift basket, I would say that I would only spend about $13.00, and that would include the basket itself.
VenusWolfe City, TX

Reasonable price, contents a little different

As gift baskets go, this one is OK. The price is reasonable and the contents are a little different than usually seen. The presentation is also good. It is hard to be positive about the gift baskets as it is so easy to put one together yourself for about half the price but if you have to send one this is a good one.
AlysiaCenterport, NY

Attractive Package, Good Value

There is nothing to dislike about this gift basket. It arrives in an attractive package with a basket that is easily reusable for other things such as a table centerpiece. The food items are nice – a good assortment and all quite edible and delicious.

I definitely recommend this gift basket for anybody looking for a good value gift to send for Mother’s Day, a Thank-You present, Employee Gifts, or any other numerous occasions.

JacquettaLittle Falls, MN


this was purchased as a gift and the receipient stated it was very good and would like to have another next year!!!!
MaxwellThomasville, AL

Great gift idea!

I bought this for my boss. I liked it particularly because there was some unusual stuff included, which makes it a little bit of a better gift in my opinion. It’s a great gift for someone you aren’t close to or aren’t sure what to buy for.
AllenWest Poland, ME

In-laws loved it

We sent this to my sister-in-law and her husband and they loved it. They ate it all in a few days. They loved the fact it had both savory and sweet stuff. It’s hard to buy them stuff but we knew they liked to eat. They said they forced themselves to pace themselves and that’s why it lasted a few days versus just one or two days. As it was a gift I don’t know who it looked or what it came with but they seemed to like it and that’s all that matters to me.
EthanGravity, IA