Wine Country Gift Baskets Starbucks Spectacular, 7-Pound


Quick facts

  • Spectacular gift basket featuring Starbucks coffees, drinks, treats, and more
  • Starbucks coffees include Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Sumatra, and more
  • Also includes assorted black, herbal, and green teas, hot cocoas, and Starbucks Selects Brown & Haley rocas
  • Hand-crafted gift measures 18 by 11 by 11 inches
  • Perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and co-workers

Top reviews

Starbucks Spectacular

I bought this goodie basket for a friend who absolutely loved it. Not only did she feel spoiled by the amount of goodies, but made room on her countertop to display the beautiful array. Will be a repeat customer with this company.
PastyBinger, OK


Bought this for Mother’s day and it has Christmas mugs in it. How awful, wish I would have known that. Why are they selling Christmas baskets in May!!??
ShanellLillian, TX

A CHRISTMAS Basket for MOTHER’S Day = Unhappy Customer

The description should indicate that this is mostly given as a CHRISTMAS basket. When my grandmother received it she was under the impression that it was the wrong basket or that I was gypped because I mailed this as a Mother’s Day gift. She said it looked like a Christmas gift because of the Christmas mugs that were included. I had no idea that Christmas looking mugs were included. If I had known, I would have opted for a more appropriate gift for the occasion. I wanted to return it to resend a different basket but later realized that the item was ineligible to be returned.

In addition, although I indicated that this was a gift and wrote a note to be included with the package, Amazon did not include the note and my grandmother had no idea who it was from. I am very unsatisfied with this product and am very unhappy that Mother’s Day was somewhat ruined thanks to Amazon’s inability to describe this as a Christmas gift or to include the note that I requested.

ChristeenCoto Laurel, PR

No message enclosed

No message was attached. Unfortunately the recipient of the basket had no idea who sent it and spent time sending e-mails and phoning people trying to find out who it was from. Overall the basket is great and will be enjoyed.
CheryRocky Mount, NC

Very nice presentation!

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for our daughter’s babysitter. It arrived promptly and was very nicely packaged. It was shrink wrapped well (the contents were all nicely in place) with a large and pretty bow. I got it as a Gold Box deal and it was well worth the money!
HopeMilton, DE

A wonderful gift!

This is especially a great gift for someone who loves coffees and teas and it definitely looks spectacular upon unwrapping! My coffee crazy friend certainly beamed with pleasure.

Neat arrangement of different flavors of Starbucks coffees (similar to the ones shown in the picture), Tazo teas and other goodies in a sturdy and beautiful basket. It is a big basket (7-pound seems like an apt description label for the product) filled with goodies that is bound to cheer the recipient. Well worth the money. Shipped well and in good time. On a side note, wine country also sends a small but pampering gift note along with the basket for the recipient to delight some more in. Wine Country seems to offer special discounted prices seasonally for such baskets and this can be one of the best purchase choices at that time.

CheryWalden, CO

My daughter loved this

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. Although we no longer live in Seattle, she grew up there, and she loves anything related to Seattle. So the gift basket featuring Starbuck’s was a big hit. The basket itself is beautiful, and quite sturdy. I snagged the Tazo tea (is Tazo a Starbuck’s offshoot) because she doesn’t drink tea, but I let her keep the cookies.

Also worth mentioning, the basket shipped quickly and was well-packaged.

AlysonPaicines, CA