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Wine Shield is an award-winning innovation that keeps wine fresh in an opened bottle, for up to 5 days after the first glass is poured Simply slip a Wine Shield disc into the bottle and it will float on the surface, creating a barrier between the wine and the air space in the bottle, and dramatically slowing the oxidation process that spoils wine. Wine Shield is inexpensive, quick to deploy and easy to use because there’s no gas or vacuum pump involved.The wine will retain the taste and aroma just as the winemaker intended. Benefits * Takes 5 seconds or less to deploy, and does not contaminate wine * Floats on the surface of the wine – creating a barrier to oxidation * Preserves the wine taste for up to 5 days at “Restaurant Quality” * Extensively tested by independent accredited laboratories in Australia and USA * Is cost effective, and covers more than 85% of the bottled wine market * Can be recycled with the bottle, and reduces restaurant and home waste * Increases margins on wine by the glass programs, with no capital expenditure required * Allows for an expansion of the wine by the glass program with less risk

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Best solution

After trying the other methods for preserving wine, I can say this one works the best. In order of effectiveness, I’d rank them as 3- pump, 2-nitrogen gas, and 1-wine shield. We used to use the pump, then switched to gas. With gas, we’d get 2 or more days out of a bottle depending on the wine. Whites can go a lot longer, but some reds would taste a little different after a day with gas. But with the wine shield, I have gone 4 days or so with very little change in red wines. We refrigerate them after opening and warm them up when ready to drink. The only issue I’ve found with the wine shield is it doesn’t fit as well in some gewurztraminer bottles which are narrower, but gawurz keeps pretty well anyway, so we just use gas for those. We are regular wine drinkers, and polishing off one bottle a night between 2 people leaves me a little fuzzy the next day, and can get pricey. We usually drink a half bottle with dinner, and pair our wines, so we may have 3 open bottles at a time. This has been a great solution, and after 2 10 packs I am sold. I just went for the 130 pack.
GailTybee Island, GA

Great, easy solution

These shields are great for saving wine a few days, as if just opened. I’m on my second box of fifty.

The picture is a bit misleading. When I opened the package on arrival, I found fifty loose shields inside, and the insertion tool. There is no separate box for storing the shields. No matter, I used the box from my first purchase for storage.

DianneSycamore, GA

Easy to use and works!

I was looking for some inexpensive wine gifts and came across these. I tested them out before giving them to friends and found great results. Just drop one in the open bottle at the end of night and its stays fresh for the coming days. Best price as well..
LeonaEllenburg Center, NY