Wisconsin Cheese Spread – Habanero

Need to add some extra spice to the party?  You will definately enjoy one of our favorites! Our Habanero Cheese Spread is a fantastic party food. Use it as a snack, extra ingredient in your favorite recipe, or try spreading this on a hamburger or sandwich instead of mustard or mayo! You can even give your macaroni and cheese an added kick with Deli Direct’s Habanero Cheese Spread.

Quick facts

  • Crafted in Wisconsin with aged natural cheese
  • Cold pack cheese food
  • Add extra spice to the party
  • Use it as a snack, extra ingredient, or on a sandwich
  • Spicy Factor: 5 out of 5. Will last at least 12 months after opening.

Top reviews

HOT HOT HOT Habanero !

Wow is this a HOT deli cheese spread. It’s very powerful and very good. I have a high tolerance for spicy foods and this one will blast your taste buds off. I honestly have never come across a decent spicy cheese spread and this is #1. Nutritional content is : for 2 tablespoons : Calories 100, Total fat 8 grams, Saturated fat 4.5, 0 trans fats, cholesterol 25 mg, sodium 220 mg, total carbs 3 grams, sugars 3 grams, protein 4 grams. The main ingredients are 4 different peppers : Habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, Jalepeno peppers and green peppers. It’s HOT. 5 stars
CarollYork, NE