Wisconsin Wilderness Case of Cranberry Mustard

Wisconsin Wilderness Cranberry Mustard is sweet, but tart and full of flavor. This cranberry mustard recipe is a multiple award winner. Great with turkey, shrimp, ham, or pork roast. A versatile mustard used to make everything special! Each case of cranberry Mustard contains twelve 10 ounce jars and recipes.

Quick facts

  • Award-winning cranberry mustard
  • Sweet, but tart and full of flavor
  • Case contains 12 jars
  • Each jar is 10 ounces
  • A great condiment for turkey, shrimp, ham, or pork roast

Top reviews


This is the best sandwich enhancer I have ever eaten and it’s only 10 cal./tsp. It gives my morning egg & english muffin sandwich and my lunch turkey burger the perfect extra zip. My local grocery store doesn’t stock it – even though I’ve requested they do so 5 times. I’ve tried other brands of cranberry mustard and none come close to the flavor of this brand. I’ve just purchased my second case in a year. Can’t live without it.
ConcepcionBoyce, LA