Wise Ways – Tea Tree Foot Powder – 3 oz.


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This Stuff Is Great!

A while back, I ordered one of each of every tea-tree foot/body powder I could find, to try them all out. I was looking for a natural alternative to the various anti-fungal medicated powders I’d been using for athletes-foot and jock-itch.

On first glance I was unimpressed by this product. It’s rather plain looking, and the label is even kinda wrinkled up like it was badly glued onto the cardboard tube.
HOWEVER, after evaluating all of the powders, this one is BY FAR my favorite one!

The first thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t poof clouds of powder everywhere. Secondly, it has a pleasant tea-tree oil scent – not too strong – just right. It does an excellent job of cooling, relieving itch, and healing and preventing chafing.

It is labeled as foot powder, and it does that job well, but it’s great for an allover body powder – not too strong even for the “sensitive” areas!

ElizebethPacolet, SC