Wish-Bone Italian Dressing, 16-Ounce Bottles

Want a really robust, full-flavored dressing? Try our improved Wish-Bone® Italian dressing, bursting with more herbs & spices. We took our original famous Italian dressing recipe, already filled with Italian herbs and spices, and then we packed it full of even more herbs, seasonings and flavors for an extra zesty boost of flavor you’ll love!

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve,16-ounce bottles(total of 192 ounces)
  • Now bursting With more herbs and spices
  • America’s No.1 Italian Dressing just got better
  • Wish Bone Italian can also be used to marinate meat, poultry, and seafood

Top reviews

Great dressing but not so good for grilling

This is some pretty tasty Italian dressing that is wonderful on any sort of salad. Unfortunately, my primary use for Italian dressing is to marinate meat, and especially chicken. The problem with is that it has too high of an oil content which causes the grill to flare up frequently, blackening the chicken. The generic brand from Jewel works a lot better for grilling. However, the flavor is delicious and it is perfect for salads, so if you don’t plan to use it for grilling, don’t hesitate.
LucilaRalph, MI