Woebers Reserve Champagne Dill Mustard, 4.25 Ounce — 6 per case.

4.25 oz 6 Pack

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  • Mustard Champagne Dill (Pack of 6)

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Hard to Find, Love It

I normally try various mustards, and have often had a small ‘collection’ to vary. Nowadays, I limit myself to a handful, this being one of them, and I find it particularly tasty on turkey and chicken breast. This product was sold locally in a local Food Emporium for $3 per bottle, but since it is no longer available there, I buy it from Amazon. It is a bit pricey, considering the original price paid, but happy to have them.
ToddLee, FL

Woeber’s Reserve ~ Champagne Dill Mustard

At my Grocer, I saw this one and only jar of this Woeber’s Reserve Champagne Dill Mustard in an isle of unusual items, that they don’t usually carry, that I’ve never seen before or since, kind of things. On a fluke I decided to try this mustard. It has champagne, white wine, and dill as part of the ingredients. I love to cook and in my experience, the dishes that I put wine or dill in have all gotten rave reviews, and I figured this combination would taste great! It Does! Actually I could almost eat it alone with a spoon and I’m not really a mustard lover! I’ve never heard of this company or item before, but I plan to try to order a case from their website on the label, […]. Another good aspect of this mustard is that although it doesn’t claim to be a “diet” food, it passes as a low calorie (5 calories per teaspoon, 0 fat and 0 saturated fat)condiment that really gives whatever you put it in or on, a heavenly flavor. It’s very well balanced and smooth with lovely little pieces of dill throughout and doesn’t have any heat or bite whatsoever. Presently I am watching my fat and calories and was elated to find such a delicious condiment to spice things up. Late Last night I was a little hungry so I took 3 pieces of lean sandwich ham, coated each slice with a film of this champagne dill mustard and rolled each piece into a roll up and ate as a sort of finger food. No bread needed on this sandwich! It was super delicious! Now I’m at my computer trying to find a case of this stuff to share with my besties! I will hid this one 4.5 oz jar in the back of the frig and use it sparingly till I find out if I can get some more! Try it if you can, you’ll Love it!
ErminiaBecker, MS