Wolf Chili Without Beans, 15-Ounce Cans

For generations, Wolf Brand Chili’s unique blend of seasonings and good hearty beef has delivered authentic chili taste.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 15-ounce cans (total of 360-ounces)
  • Unique blend of seasonings and good hearty beef
  • Delivered authentic chili taste

Top reviews

Every can dented even though package was intact

Wolf brand chili is my favorite, but do not buy from this vendor. They are clearly packaging dented can they cannot sell. I received an intact package in which every can was dented.
QuianaCentral City, IA

The Best Canned Chili

This is simple. If you’re going to have canned chili, I’ve spent about 60 years determining that this is the best canned chili. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that Wolf’s beats most the homemade chili I’ve tasted in its meatiness (not always flavor) and that includes my time living here in “semi-Mexico” on the Rio Grande.

And then all you need to do is add some seasoning the ladies here use. This probably is a better base. A little this, a little that and you’ll be in ChiliLand. Though I never bother.

Need I mention this is “without beans”? Makes a big difference, Podner. Better to add a tamale or two than a bunch of beans.

LeilaniNew Bethlehem, PA

Gotcha, Wolf!

The can says no beans. One of the central ingredients of this dish is “vegetable protein,” which contains soy flour. Soy is a bean. Therefore there are beans. Stop misleading these poor people who think this sludge is a no-bean delicacy!
MonteMarana, AZ

Simply the Best!

It’s nice to know when you can’t find a product at your local grocery store you can usually find it here on Amazon. My husband grew up on Wolf Brand Chili in Texas and you can not find here in Kentucky. Not only did I find it, it was very affordable compared to the link on the Wolf Brand website had taken me to. I was hesitant to try “canned” chili but I was suprised that I really loved it. It makes the BEST Frito pie!
VickiTangier, VA

Best Pre-made Chili On the Market

This is the best pre-made chilli out there. Much better than Hormel or any of the other brands. No contest. It can be eaten alone or its really great for Tex-mex enchiladas or on burritos. Easy to make–just heat and eat. Can get it with or without beans, but get it without. They even have a lean version that’s still good. Definite buy.
TheresaChandler, AZ

Wolf is so far past the rest

Grew up in Texas on this stuff. After my folks moved us to Washington I never saw it again. All the other canned Chili’s have nothing on Wolf. Just read the other comments here. For a canned Chili it is awesome. Makes for the best Chili Cheese dogs you will ever have. This really should be the only Canned Chili. The others are kind of embarrassingly bad in comparison. Just do it, buy some Wolf and then go buy some others, grab some buddies and do a blind taste test. Here is another good example of how good it is, there is a review on here giving it One Star, when you read their comments, they are pissed off at how it was delivered to them, not the chili itself.
LisetteEast Mc Keesport, PA

Wolf Brand Chili, No Beans

Being a native Texan and Wolf Brand being a Texas product, I had eaten Wolf Brand for many years. After moving to Utah a few years ago, I had tried every brand of chili available in the stores here, only to find that none of them is as tasty as Wolf’s. In addition, all the brands available here are with beans. I like beans but I like my chili pure, without beans. Then I tried my hand at home made chili. My home made is good but no amount of tinkering with the recipe produced chili equal to Wolf Brand. When I found Wolf’s No Beans at Amazon, I ordered a case (24 cans). The chili arrived in perfect condition (no dented cans)and I am once again enjoying my favorite chili.
LizetteAlpharetta, GA

Pretty good- has TVP (soy)

I was happy to find this brand of chili without beans and since the product description says “Unique blend of seasonings and good hearty beef” I thought it would be a simple meaty chili. Unfortunately, the ingredient list above was (and still is as of now) for some other product and I didn’t do any research. There are things I consider to be fillers- oats and textured vegetable protein (soy) along with ingredients you’d expect to find in a chili. For those who would like to know, the ingredients are: meat ingredients (beef, pork), water, tomato puree, rolled oats, tvp, chili pepper, & less than 2% of the following: salt, sugar, spices, garlic powder, soy lecithin, caramel color, and sodium tripolyphosphate.

The taste of the chili is pretty good. It is very saucy- much more saucy than I thought it would be and I think it’s best to serve over pasta, beans, or rice. The meat is of a very fine texture. I would have liked slightly larger pieces. The couple of times we ate it we had it over pasta with grated cheddar and it was very satisfying. (By the way, a can has two 1 cup servings of 400 calories each. Good if you want calories for your buck, bad if you’re on a diet. I could easily eat the whole 800 calorie can if I didn’t serve it with something.)

Shipping was great. All the cans arrived without dents and had an expiration date of Jan 2013 (order date April 2011).

Overall, I was fairly happy with the value and taste of this chili and I may order it again to make sure there’s protein in the pantry. I’ll be looking at some other brands though to see if there’s one I like better.

DustyDrayden, MD

Best canned chili!

I’ve tryed all the national brands and Wolfs is far and away the vey best canned chili I’ve had. Great out of the can and excellant as a base to “doctor” with added meat, beans, onions, etc. Great on hotdogs…just great!
TaishaMonticello, MS

Best Chili in the World – Not just for camp outs!

We love this chili. We actually dump it into many other recipes to add kick. Try this, cook up a big glob of rice or spaghetti, throw it into a casserole dish and then throw in two or three cans of Wolf chili and some grated cheddar cheese. I know it sounds crazy, but we love it. (Only in Texas…)
UshaTaloga, OK


Anyone who is from the Lone Star State, or has spent appreciable time there, will know WOLF BRAND (Original) CHILI. Here in California, I have always had to order it directly from the factory. Now, thanks to Amazon.com, I can buy a case, shipping included, for the best price on the Net. This is not a weight-watchers’ delight, but the quality and original flavor of WOLF BRAND CHILI remains at the top of my menu list. Great as a side, a full meal, or in any Tex-Mex themed recipe when you want some authentic flavor. This is the “mild” style, and other types of WOLF BRAND products are available if you want more heat, spice, larger chunks of meat, or beans. Cans arrived with no dents or dings, well packaged, and shipped immediately.
HyonGlen Riddle Lima, PA

Most Excellent Chili

I have to order it in to California because the folks here don’t understand how good the Chili really is!
TrumanRockport, IL

First Rate Chili!

When I first encountered the Wolf brand chili, here on Amazon, I thought to myself: “Well…here we go again…another canned chili product, that might be passable as a dog food substitute.” As it happens, I went with the stellar reviews on this site and was not disappointed. The old-style Wolf label actually conjured-up visions of man’s best friend, but the contents revealed a truly first-rate chili base. Armour, Hormel, Castleberry, and all of the rest, should just fold and get out of the game! Though this stuff was great straight from the tin, I look forward to tryin’ it all doctored-up, as well. At two dollars a pop, delivered to your door, this is definitely bang-for-the-buck.
BrookMineola, IA