Wolff’s Kasha Medium Granulation — 13 oz

Wolffs Kasha Medium (6x13OZ )

Quick facts

  • low sodium
  • no cholesterol
  • low fat
  • wheat & gluten free

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Tired of the usual?

The front of the box boasts, “Low Sodium – No Cholesterol – Low Fat”. “100% Pure Roasted Whole Grain Buckwheat”. “Wheat & Gluten Free”.

Ingredients: “100% pure buckwheat – contains no additives, fortifiers or preservatives.”
“170 calories per 1/4 cup serving. About 3/4 cup prepared.”

Flavor? That depends on you. The directions recommend adding bouillon but a lot of bouillon just winds up being chunks of MSG. Most recently I tried adding some jamaican jerk flavoring and it worked well. You can use this as a base, throwing other ingredients, veggies, etc. to turn this into your own creation. This cooks up in maybe fifteen minutes.

Only drawback, which may not be a nuisance to you, is that preparation as directed uses two pans, one to boil the liquid ingredients and a second to griddle up the kasha with egg coating before combining the two into one pan. That’s not enough of a drawback to prevent me from stocking up on more Wolff’s Kasha.

SydneyLeonard, ND