Wolfgang Puck Coffee Caramel Cream Pods, 9.5 Gram Pods-18-Count

Decadent caramel and rich cream…who could resist? All Wolfgang Puck Coffees are estate grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly to allow their unique flavors and aromas to fully develop. Our coffees are selected from the top 5% of the world’s coffee production, then blended and roasted according to Wolfgang’s personal recipe.

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I use these pods with my Senseo, and the coffee is delicious! I had never even heard of Senseo until I went to Barcelona, and my flat had one. As soon as I got home, I purchased one from Amazon, and then began experimenting with different brands of coffee pods. Without doubt, Wolfgang Puck’s is the best so far, and Caramel Cream is my favorite flavor.
LakenyaCastalia, NC

Wolfgang Puck Caramel Coffee Pods

Wolfgang Puck Coffee Caramel Cream Pods, 18-Count Pods (Pack of 3)For the past 5 years we’ve used Senseo coffee pods. To our great dismay they have been discontinued. Fortunately the pods by Wolfgang Puck are an exact match for our one cup brewer as well. This is the 4th batch I’ve ordered and honestly couldn’t be happier.
GenaroAberdeen, KY

Similar to Senseo’s Paris French Vanilla, just not as good

You may be able to tell from the title for this review that I enjoy Senseo’s Paris French Vanilla coffee pods. I decided to try Wolfgang Puck’s caramel creme in my Hamilton Beach 1 cup pod brewer because the Senseo brand has been unavailable for quite some time. Unfortunately, Wolfgang Puck’s version is not as good.

If you prefer a strong cup of coffee this brand will most likely not satisfy you. Also, the Hamilton Beach Pod Brewer does not make the crema layer that a lot of people seem to like, so I don’t know if this brand will do that well or not. I drink my coffee weak — not super strong — but also not watery. My daily one cup of coffee is a treat I allow myself and I enjoy the French Vanilla and Caramel flavored coffees. Also, I use a smaller coffee mug (it holds at most 8 ounces comfortably) so I don’t need a lot of coffee but this stuff is extremely weak (even for me) and I have to be sure to use **no more than** 6 ounces of water with this brand, otherwise it is just too weak and watery to be palatable. Again, if you use a different pod brewer you may get different results.

I’ve also tried Wolfgang Puck’s French Vanilla flavored coffee pods, but I find that flavor to brew up even more weak and watery than this does and it has a very “acidy” aftertaste which aggravates my heartburn — I have not had that problem with this flavor (Caramel Creme.)

If you want a larger, stronger cup of flavored coffee, you might be able to make this work better for you by using 2 pods with 12 ounces of water (the maximum amount for the HB Pod brewer); it just hasn’t worked out for me. Using 12 ounces of water and 2 pods seems to more than double the strength of the coffee and it comes out stronger than I like. Also, I really only want 1 cup of coffee for my morning “ritual” so the rest is just wasted.

ShauntaBurton, TX