Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Crème Caramel, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers

Wolfgang Puck’s Crème Caramel coffee is simply delightful. Reminiscent of the perfect dessert gourmet vanilla ice-cream drizzled with sweet caramel, delicious. Van Houtte has been a coffee pioneer, perfecting roasting methods and guiding customers in the discovery of great coffees. Browse and discover Van Houtte’s history, innovation, and commitment to making premium coffee experiences accessible.

Quick facts

  • K-cup for Keurig brewers
  • Single-use mini brewer cups hold the perfect amount of grounds, no need to measure
  • Pack of 2, 24-count boxes (total of 48 boxes)
  • Please note: ‘regular’, ‘bold’ and ‘extra bold’ refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup

Top reviews

horrible coffee

this coffee has a very funny taste to it not good you would think wolfgang it would be good dont buy this coffee this is a review of 6 people there are 6 people in my shop we all hate it not good
BrainCatoosa, OK

Yuk! Twangy aftertaste and weak coffee make this one to avoid.

I bought both the Creme Caramel and this Hazelnut kcup and I couldn’t tell them apart even if my life depended on it… The flavor is pretty weak and the coffee itself is too and unlike the Caramel one, this one has a nasty bitter aftertaste like the flavor is artificial. Yeah, I know it’s artificial but I hate that it actually tastes like a chemical! Yuk…

This is one of those coffees you can serve to company who doesn’t know good coffee or people you don’t want to have come to your house any more as one cup of this and they won’t be your friends after it! It really is quite bad.

SaturninaGrand Marsh, WI

Not Extra Bold

Definitely not extra bold…medium roast at best. Not particularly memorable…doesn’t have a good coffee aroma…but it’s pretty decent tasting. At this point I’m not sure if I would reorder.
VernieHuntsburg, OH


Nowhere in the description does it mention anything about this coffee being flavored. I’m still not sure what flavor it is. Some type of nut. I wrongly assumed that Jamaican coffee would be similar to the Blue Mountain coffee which Jamaica is known for! How silly of me to assume that! I hate flavored coffees so I was so disappointed to now own 2 boxes of such a horrible coffee. It only says flavored very small on the box so I didn’t notice it before I opened it. Hopefully I can pawn it off to visitors and buy some regular bold coffee-flavored coffee for myself!
SalvadorWaltham, MN

Just Okay – Hidden Decaf.

Taste is okay. Not blown away. Hidden is the fact that this is truly a decaffeinated coffee. Only place to find this out is on the bottom of the box. Not what I want first thing in the morning.
FlossieLyman, WY

crazy flavor combination.

I admit, I am not terribly fond of flavored coffees. But, this one is not for us. We both love the Rodeo Drive. I have a good freind that loves this coffee. I sent her ours.
MaireElsinore, UT

Taste like old socks

I thought this coffee was really horrible. Had one cup and will throw the rest away because it can’t be returned.
PaulitaKent, OR

Can’t offer much guidance

I ordered the vanilla coffee for my college age children. Unfortunately, there were shipping delays and it did not arrive until the kids had returned to college for the Fall semester. Update to come when they finally come home for a break — it may be a while. The other coffees I have ordered have all been tasty and a very good value, I have no reason to believe this will be any different. I can say that the k cups and the Keurig have been delightful. I enjoy having a freshly brewed cup every time and like that I save a bunch of money by brewing at home into a travel mug rather than stopping to drop $2.00 for a cup on the way to work. Saves all those styrofoam cups too!
JohnieZellwood, FL


No where in the description does it mention that this is a flavored coffee. By the name I thought it was a Jamaican Blue Mountain blend but its flavored with a weak tasting hazelnut. Not very good
MelaniaParowan, UT

Non-Flavored coffee drinkers beware!

I was in a hurry and did not read the reviews…I trusted amazon’s description and it did NOT indicate it was flavored coffee and that it was NOT Jamaican…it is very lightly flavored with vanilla so it isnt too bad. I feel cheated.
BrandieEllenton, FL

Solid Medium Roast Coffee with Just a Hint of Bold. Good Flavor. Not Acidic.

Good choice for your morning coffee if you like a medium, slightly bold flavor. Vienna coffee is not a real bold coffee, so medium roast coffee drinkers should like the flavor.

Vienna Coffee House has less of a kick than Wolfgang Puck French Roast (Dark Roast), 24-Count K-cups (Pack of 2)), but a little more than Coffee People Donut Shop Medium Roast, Extra Bold for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2).

Good flavor, slightly sweet with a good bean taste that isn’t tough on your stomach.

To the manufacturer: please revise your coffee descriptions – they are terrible and give the consumer no information on the flavor/style of coffee featured. If you want us to buy the coffee, be forthright on your descriptions.

DanieleWestville, FL

Good taste but secretly DECAF

Taste is good but in my opinion coffee that has been decaffinated should be required to have such info clearly visible warning in big red letters before I mistakenly rely upon it to get me going in the morning. Small print on the bottom of the box (I mean 6 point font) tells this. Several mornings of splitting headaches could have been avoided . . . this caused me to check several other flavors online and none of them say anything one way or another about caffeine. I don’t know how to avoid this for other products but this info should be clearly stated on every coffee for sale.
WilburnSumiton, AL

1 down 47 to go

Too bad no one else had reviewed this before my purchase. It’s not bold or dark enough to stand up to the Keurig’s 3rd button and tasted a little tangy for my liking.
MelodeeSouth Gate, CA


I bought a 24 pack of this an drank almost all of them before realizing what the flavor reminded me of. It tastes like hotdog water.
ShelbaHazel, KY

Flavored cofffee?

I am not a fan of flavored coffee and I thought I had read the description of this product very carefully but nowhere did I see any indication that it was a flavored coffee. I wish the descriptions of the coffees offered by Amazon were clearer so that there is no confustion as to what you are purchasing. Even the name of the product is a little deceptive since one might assume that it is Jamaican coffee.
NganHickman, CA

Overpowering flavor and watery- Coffee lovers beware

I found this coffee to be great at first, but as I started having it more and more I came to detest it. On the large setting the coffee is WAY too watery. Also, the flavor is very, very overpowering and kind of tastes like bananas.

It is a pretty good mid-afternoon or evening desert coffee, but other than that it is kinda gross.

RemaLynco, WV

What a disappointment

I am definitely not a coffee connoisseur, but this stuff is bad. It is a disappointment because I expected a Wolfgang Puck product to have more “class.” This tastes artificial and it can’t stand alone without tons of cream and sweetener. Will not buy again!
UlaBourbon, IN


Really? Who blends this stuff and decides that it is good? Ugh. I can sum this nastyness up in one quick phrase. Stale airline coffee! If you like that flavor, then you will love this one, if you don’t like thin cardboard soaked, never washed the pot out, and the water came from a tin canteen, flavored coffee, then you won’t like this one either! I would give this zero stars if I could. WOW, likely the worst cup of coffee that I have ever had. I hope Wolfy reads this as his name is on the package and I expected more, now I know not to buy any of his signature products, awesome, thanks for saving me $$ next time! The package says Extra Bold, but it doesn’t taste extra bold. It’s almost like they put some ground instant powder in the mix to make it stronger.
RenatoGormania, WV

Never got a chance…and still climbing

Ok…TODAY 4/15 this company decided to put them up for sale at 12.50 per 24pk… This advertisement was on SLICKDEALS.NET

Well… Went to order and refreshed the page and in my cart was now 1 at 36 dollars???? so they sold one out of my cart.
Next…. I waited 20 mins to see if it was a fluke and SD.NET started claiming dead link.

Well upon refreshing again… they were now 44.95 for one 24 pack…


BasiliaEtna, NH

Bitter w/ overtones of cardboard

No thanks. Kind of bitter and has slight overtone of cardboard. Organic Bold and Donut Shop are still our faves.
SterlingLeeton, MO

The WORST coffee !

The worst!!! it is just plan awful bitter and strong and you cannot taste the Hazel Nut flavor at all!!!!! Do not buy this product save your money!!!!!
ChariseSylvester, GA

Wolfgang K-cup

K-cups are marginally better than good coffee that I can buy at the store for 1/2 the price or less. This product was offered at $19.95 and I was willing to purchase it but it immediately went up to $26.95. It is not really worth $19.95 and is certainly not worth any increase. Additionally, what’s the deal on offering INSTANT COFFEE in K-cups for $15.99 leaving us to think it’s a good deal on REAL coffee. Do you want to lose our trust (business)???? That’s a good way to do it!!!!!!!!!!
GenovevaWestport, TN

WARNING… this is a strongly FLAVORED coffee

This is not regular coffee as the description would lead you to believe… it’s artificially flavored, and it appears from the other ratings that you either love the flavor or hate it. My household hated it. Of course, that would be my problem if the description was accurate, but it’s not. Amazon refunded my money and said someone would check the information on the product page.
GarryGeronimo, TX


I’m amazed how many are being so easily fooled. What you’re seeing is a GENERIC ingredient list that covers multiple coffees. What it is saying, based on the photo I see above, is that IF the coffee type you have is straight coffee, then all it contains is 100% arabica coffee… But IF what you are drinking is a FLAVORED coffee, then the ingredients in it are Arabica coffee, and flavorings… But IF what you’re drinking is a DECAF variety, then it contains Arabica coffee that has been decaffeinated with Ethyl Acetate, as is standard.

So if you’re not holding a decaf variety, then there is no decaffeinated beans! It is nothing more than generic catch all ingredients that apply to whichever variety you happen to be looking at.

Sheesh. Think people! lol

CandiceKosse, TX

Heavily Flavored – Not For Us

I thought this was a Jamaican blend or roast, but turns out it’s simply a heavily flavored coffee. The flavor tastes artificial – like fake maple syrup flavoring. We have three coffee drinkers in our house and none of us could get past the first few sips. Now I have to find a home for the rest of it so it doesn’t go to waste.
TildaBlair, WI

Not Jamaican at all, just another sweet, flavored coffee!

I wish Amazon would require any coffee with sweet artificial flavorings to be plainly identified as such. Then folks who really dislike coffee adulterated this way could avoid getting another disappointing flavored cup of coffee. This stuff tastes the way I imagine Newman’s Own Extra Bold coffee would taste with curdled, spoiled Bailey’s Irish Cream dumped in it – nasty. Shudder!!!
TarenHinckley, IL

Great name but I didn’t care for it

I drink about 4 to 6 cups of coffee every morning – I’m always looking for a new flavor – so I gave it a try – I drank it but I would not order again. steve
LuanneDenville, NJ

Good, but not my favorite

I like strong, but smooth coffee. This coffee is strong enough, but a little on the bitter side for my taste. I have tasted other strong blends that I like much more. My husband, who likes a medium roast coffee, is OK with this coffee, but it not his favorite either. I would only recommend it to someone who likes a little tang in their morning cup of joe.
PeggyCasar, NC

These K Cups Have ISSUES – Coffee Not Bad

First of all, I have owned a Keurig for about 4 years now, and I’ve tried lot’s of coffee. During that time, I have had an occasion k cup that didn’t function correctly and loaded the brew with grounds.

I probably should have returned these before I bothered to open the second box. Since I drink my coffee from a thermal cup, I can tell you that taking that last drink to find your mouth full of coffee grounds stinks.

I have had to throw out at least 6 cups of coffee. Its a bit like Russian Roulette, and I’ve started straining it after I brew it.

I know that its not my brewer because it is not happening with the Green Mountain, Timothy’s or Tully’s that I also use. The good cups are a bit weak for my taste, but the flavor is ok. Definitely prefer not to waste $’s on a product with a manufacturing defect.

AlfredaSaint Thomas, MO

Bold, but Not Teeth Jarring Bold. Nice Flavor and a Nice Cup of Coffee.

Wolfgang Puck French Roast is a nice, bold (not too bold), flavorful cup of coffee. If you like Coffee People Extra Bold Organic, Dark Roast Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2), then you should like Wolfgang Puck’s French Roast.

This French Roast has a deep flavor with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish – a good choice for a morning cup of coffee.


(Note to Manufacturer: as a consumer, I wish you would use real coffee descriptions(i.e., hints of xxx, smooth finish) rather than fluff advertising like “Bring the aromas of France home with you and “Profitez des bons moments” (enjoy the good moments)!” – what does that really mean? It took me awhile to decide to purchase this coffee because the description gave me zero idea of what to expect).

GuillerminaWalker, WV