Wolfgang Puck Coffee Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaf Pods, 18-Count Pods

Nutty and full of flavor, this hazelnut infused coffee imparts a toasty and warm flavor with every sip. All Wolfgang Puck Coffees are estate grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly to allow their unique flavors and aromas to fully develop. Our coffees are selected from the top 5% of the world’s coffee production, then blended and roasted according to Wolfgang’s personal recipe.

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Makes my mom happy, at 86 🙂

Makes my mom happy, at 86 🙂

My mom is diabetic, and one of her treats is coffee from her “1-cup” at a time machine.

She drinks a lot, I think….so is always asking for replenishment of her supply.

I shop Amazon for quick service…
Usually, I purchase the Senseo when available for a decent $rice, but lately, it has not been a great deal so I resorted to some Wolfgang Puck instead…
With Senseo, I was able to get an assortment she like in one shipment.
Cannot do the same with the Puck for what I consider a decent $rice.
She is on a limited income, as am I with today’s economy…( I won’t go there!)

So I buy the most reasonable that she likes. I also look for selections where I can use the AMAZON PRIME free shipping!
And, thus she is drinking a LOT of Hazelnut ( I think this time) until I order something else.

Arrived timely and well packed.

LilliePort Republic, MD


Good coffee at a great price, what else would one desire? Not your everyday java but good for a change of pace.
StephanHartland, MI

Great Tasting Coffee Pods!

I just bought a coffee maker that uses coffee pods but I was having a hard time finding flavored decaf pods. I tried the Wolfgang’s Puck’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaf Coffee pods and I love the flavor of this Hazelnut coffee. I think it’s the best one that I tried so far. I plan to order more in the future.
AudiePlainville, IN


Coffee has a great flavor, but not very strong. You may have to use two pods if you like a stronger brew.
EvanFrost, MN

Love it

The pack of 3 for about $20 is a great buy. I drink this on weekends as a special treat to calm my nerves. The aroma is better than Folgers. 😉
TainaTracy City, TN