Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored, 9.5 Gram Pods-18-Count

Nutty and full of flavor, this hazelnut infused coffee imparts a toasty and warm flavor with every sip. All Wolfgang Puck Coffees are estate grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly to allow their unique flavors and aromas to fully develop. Our coffees are selected from the top 5% of the world’s coffee production, then blended and roasted according to Wolfgang’s personal recipe.

Quick facts

  • This is a medium roast, flavored coffee
  • Biodegradeable and compostable spent coffee pods mean less waste in our landfills
  • Each box includes 18 single serve coffee pods

Top reviews

are these K Cups

Please specify if these are K-cups. Very confusing. Don’t know if they would work with my Keurig Coffee Maker.
TowandaJensen, UT


I purchased these pods believing they were k pods. I than went out and bought a single use kcup to use this coffee which smelled delicious upon opening, but than I brewed it. The coffee had an overwhelming smell and taste of cigarettes. Horrible purchase and horrible seller with no return policy…..do not purchase unless you want Wolfgang puck cigarette coffee
TobiasMartin, SD

not correctly listed!

Unfortunately,if you click on K cups on the left side of the screen these come up. They are not! They are are a non returnable item,so it is money wasted!!! I am so disappointed because it was so convenient to buy on Amazon.
ChasidyKaibito, AZ

Pods are torn and coffee weak

I fell for the 30% off and tried these pods for my Senseo. There is less coffee per pod than the Timothy’s or Fratello’s. Granted this was a light roast, the coffee was still very weak.

But the biggest offense? The first 4 out of 5 coffee pods out of the box were torn (or rather, ripped just enough that the grounds are spilling out). The vacuum packs were intact. Just the paper on the actual pods were ripped. What gives? Avoid these overpriced pods and tell WP to send them back into redevelopment!

SamuelMitchell, SD

Please note that this is not a K-cup.

Please note that this is not a K-cup. It will come up if you search for “K-cups” but it is a POD and will not work in Keurig Brewer!
ClydeMarshall, MO

NOT a K-CUP, be sure you want to buy a pod (not k-cup)

I, too, did a search on k-cups and Wolfgang Puck and this item came up. I did not realize these were not k-cups until after I received them. I read the other reviews and noted that grocery items were not returnable. However, I thought I would try my luck and spoke with a customer representative. I indicated to the rep that this item came up if you searched k-cups so it was a little misleading and I mistakenly purchased them thinking that they were k-cups and that I could use them in my Keurig machine. The rep was extremely nice and helpful and offered to give me a full refund on my purchase (and I purchased 2 packs of the pack of 3 pods so I had 6 boxes in total). He told me to keep them anyway since I couldn’t return them but I received a full refund from Amazon. Amazon is the BEST when it comes to customer service – that must be why I shop here again and again. I offered to return the pods (I had not even opened the outer Amazon cardboard box yet) but the rep said that I couldn’t return them due to the nature of the item. The same flavor k-cups are great – I love them!
HermanRepton, AL

Wonderful Coffee Mmmmmmm ~

I bought this by mistake, I thought I was getting K-Cups. Well instead of sending it back I opened the pods and used the coffee grinds in my Keurig… I was very pleased with the flavor and the smell of the coffee is wonderful. I hope Wolfgang comes out with this flavor in k-cups 🙂
LamonicaAshfield, PA


Come on, Amazon – correct the description for this product or correct the search feature so these don’t come up as K-cups. I’ll go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for these… and maybe the rest of my K-cup needs as Amazon just isn’t getting the job done here.

(And yes, before the trolls start in on me for not reading, I understand I should have read every word on the page – but honestly… who has time for that, lol?)

DoreathaOtwell, IN

not worth the money.. !

I’ve tried like 6-7 different Wolfgang coffee pods.. not all are great.. some are just ok.. and this is one of them.. I really like the WP reserve & French Roast.. but that’s it!
LanellMechanicsburg, OH

Best Pod So Far

I brew pods in my Keurig via the pod adapter Perfect Pod Holster Use Any Pod in Your Keurig Coffee Maker – Over 10,000 Sold. Some of the pods come out a bit weak, but not bad. I’ve tried the Senseo, Cafe Halo, and Godiva pods, and all have been acceptable, but not outstanding. The Wolfgang Puck pods appear to have more coffee in them, and provide a more robust flavor. I’ve brewed several and have not had the tearing issues others have reported. And the flavor has been the best of the pods I’ve tried so far. Might be that these stack better in the pod holster for the Keurig than in a regular pod brewer, but I have been quite pleasantly surprised by how good these are. Highly recommend!
TawnyaGainesville, GA

An EXCELLENT hazelnut choice for your Keurig brewer…

I’ve long been a fan of flavored coffees so when we got our Keurig brewer we jumped on the opportunity to sample as many different flavors of k cups as possible. Our first foray into the single-serve hazelnut world was Gloria Jean’s Coffees,Hazelnut K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers (Pack of 50), which was absolutely awful. We’ve always enjoyed hazelnut coffee in the past, though, and vowed not to give up. I ordered a sample pack of Wolfgang Puck’s hazelnut directly from Keurig’s website and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, Hawaiian Hazelnut blows all of the other hazelnut k cups out of the water. It is smokey and delicious without being dark and overwhelming. The hazelnut really does taste like actual hazelnut, which you’d think would be something a coffee drinker could take for granted, but we’ve been disappointed in the past. I’d never tried coffee from the Wolfgang Puck brand before, but our positive experience with Hawaiian Hazelnut has definitely gotten me interested in trying other varieties.

The hazelnut flavor is pretty bold and full bodied, which is nice, but there is no bitterness or acidity to be found. This suits me just fine since I enjoy a milder roast, but people who enjoy their coffee strong and dark might not enjoy this blend as much.

We’ll definitely be repurchasing this coffee when we run out.

RivkaStilwell, OK


This is a nice balanced brew with a pleasant aroma, great for any time of the day. Definitely one of my favorites for my Bunn machine. I’m buying more when this runs out.
ThersaWest Hempstead, NY

a little pricey but the best hazelnut out there

Wolfgang Puck’s Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee is a little pricey but are the best hazelnut pods out there. Great rich smooth flavor.
JamieHickory Flat, MS

Best Hazelnut coffee ever!

Absolutely the best Hazelnut Coffee I’ve ever tasted. And it arrived so fast – 2 days! Great purchase
BeaHays, KS

Coffee pod

The flavor was excellent. Great aroma. All around drinkability.. Top notch. Quick shipment. Handy packaging. 5 stars. I will be ordering more soon.
ChereePortsmouth, NH

Delicious! Using with My K-Cup

For some reason they are no longer making Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut K-Cups, my absolute favorite flavor. After I got over my shock and sadness I looked around at other options and found these. 54 pods for $20? Yes please! I put the coffee into the My K-Cup attachment for my Keurig and brew that way, and the taste is the same (if not better) than the K-Cups were!

A disclaimer: I still have no idea what these pods are actually meant to be used in. I didn’t even know what I was getting when I purchased it. At first I thought it was just loose coffee inside individual packages, which is close but not accurate – inside the package is the loose coffee inside a filter.

I first tried to just stick the filter and coffee in the My K-Cup, and the result was pretty watery. So then I decided to rip the filter open and dump the loose coffee into the My K-Cup. This works great, although it takes 1 and a half packs per My K-Cup, so just keep that in mind if you are purchasing these!

DixieMiddletown, RI

The envelopes were defective so I had to use a scissors to open them

I love the taste of the nice, strong coffee. Just wanted the manufacturer to know there was a defect in the envelopes where the tear tab is defective. The second box I opened, same thing.
DallasValencia, PA


this is my first time using these pods since the senseo pods were discontinued. they are excellent & robust in flavor. the pods are packaged individually for long lastng freshness. i would highly recommend these pods to anyone who has this type of coffee system.
FedericoHahnville, LA


This was a re-order of the pods which are very good. Ordered three boxes and gave them to friends because I told them it was great. Only later found out that “instant coffee packets” of the product had been substituted. UGH! Big let down .. will go to BB&B for purchases next time.
AuroreStrafford, VT