Wonka Fun Dip

Each box contains 36 packs Fun for all ages!

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Top reviews

Best Nose candy ever!

it burns a lil. but if you can hold it down, its legit. makes your nose feel like its on fire. in a good way. holla
TamikoSturgis, KY

Proof Your Parents Loved You

Seriously? It’s flavored sugar with candy that you lick and dip in the sugar so as to eat sugar with your candy that is mostly pressed sugar.

That said. It’s sooo good. And if your parents let you have it they obviously loved you because no one ACTUALLY wants to hand a kid a bunch of sugar and say, “GO FOR IT!”

At least that’s my take on it.


DonyaSouth Windsor, CT


This ended up being exactly what I was looking for! I purchased a slew of nostalgic candy for my 30th birthday party. When I came across Fun Dip, the only ones I could find anywhere were the individually packaged flavor packs. Amazon actually had the big packs (that I grew up with) with the two sugar sticks and three different flavored sugar packs. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is your product!

(On a side note, the candies were a big hit!)

DonovanFitzpatrick, AL

Great candy! Super-fast delivery!

This yummy candy, which is hard to find in our area, was delivered super-fast — much to the delight of my child (and my inner child).
RosioPlantersville, MS