Wonka Rainbow Nerds, 6-Ounce Packages

Wonka rainbow nerds, 6-ounce packages (pack of 12) are a tiny, tangy, crunchy candy in an assortment of bright colors and flavors. These sweet Wonka candies are one of the most well known when it comes to bite sized, hard candy. Pop a couple in your mouth, or throw back a bunch of them, Wonka Rainbow Nerds candy, Theatre box style are a delectable treat!

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 6-ounce packages (total of 72-ounces)
  • One of the most well known when it comes to bite sized, hard candy

Top reviews

Don’t Buy!!!

I received only 1 pack. In other words, I paid $25.97 for 1 pack of Nerds.
I contacted Customer Service and they were very helpful. However, I am still angry because of this mistake.
RossFranklinville, NY

My favorite candy ever!

I LOVE Nerds. I’ve been buying boxes in stores for years. My friends say I have an addiction to them. Okay, yes, I confess. I’ve always loved the boxes with more red Nerds and bigger pieces. In the large boxes, you often get tiny Nerds and very few if any red ones. The ones I got from Amazon had more red than I’ve ever seen in any box and nice big pieces. Yum. I’ve found my new supplier of Nerds!
JeannaPalmyra, ME

Best Candy – Nerd Overload

I love this candy – it’s easy to eat and all too often you never get sick of them

even with a box of 12!

name any other candy that is better?! nerds are small and easily edible

RanaConway, WA

Movie Theatre size, good value!

I was very pleased with the size of the boxes, they are movie-theater size. Also, the expiration date on the box they came in says they expire in 2013, so I guess they aren’t supposed to go stale anytime soon. I doubt I’ll have them that long though! Still it’s nice to know that I’m getting a fresh product that won’t get old before I have a chance to use it. I’d rather have some candy squirreled away for those sugar cravings then waste it on spontaneous purchases at the gas station where the candy is over-priced. The first time I bought a case of candy from Amazon I felt a bit ridiculous, but the expiration date is always at least 6 months out. Sometimes it’s nice to have the extra candy around for the holidays too, to throw in a stocking, or Easter basket. I like that there is a variety of flavors, because one flavor could get boring for an entire case.
JustaDuluth, MN

A Box of Memories

When I was around 8 years old my family took me and my younger brother on our first trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts, since then we went up once every summer for a week or so, those first few years we would take a pop up camper to a camp site by the beach. The campsite itself had two memorable things, the first was a play ground my brother and I would spend time at, and the second was a small candy shop down by the end of the road leading up to the camp site, it was in this candy store that I had my first box of Nerds.

My brother and I looked all over the candy store with the wide eyed wonder of the literal kid in a candy shop. The one thing that caught my eye was the small pink and purple box of candy up by the register. Since our mother only let us buy one thing each this is what I chose, and my brother (always copying me) chose the same, which we enjoyed on our way back to the camper. Of all the tastes on that trip, the marshmellows we toasted over the campfire, the seafood we had in the local resturants, my first bite of buttered lobster, the wind and saltwater on the beach, it was that little box of candy that my brother and I shared on the way back to the camper that stands out to me the most.

Many years later in high school I met one of my best friends working at thelocal FYE, his name was Andrew and we first started talking over one of the jumbo boxes of Nerds, striking up a conversation about how you got almost a pound of candy with the box of Nerds, and how other candy boxes skimped out and filled it with mostly empty space. For most of my high school years he and I would hang out at the store, exchange stories, shoot the breeze, ect, usualy over a box of Nerds.

Ive now been out of high school for almost four years, Andrew and I have lost touch over the past few years, and my brother died almost 7 years ago. After all this time these tint little candies still bring back all th happy memories from my childhood and teen years. Bravo Wonka on this exellent product.

KazukoRantoul, KS

Best candy ever

Perfect sweet/tart/crunchy balance. Nice fruity flavors. Great rainbow variety. Lots of the big nerds I like. Absolutely my favorite candy for an excellent price. What more can I say?
AlvinaBeaufort, NC

You receive 12 6oz packs of Nerds

When you think of a standard size pack, you are thinking of something roughly half or 1/3 the size of a 6 oz pack. And this item ships as twelve 6 oz packages! That is a TON of Nerds! These packages are HUGE: 6″ x 4″ x 0.5″ The nerds inside are standard size. I think this is a pretty good value – especially if you can get it with free shipping through Prime.
HortenseMount Auburn, IA

Nerds are great

I love nerds , as well as other candies ive tried all candy lol. But nerds are tany and crunchy and a perfect combo of sweet and tany and crunchy. They are pure sugar but thats the best kinda of candy. SUGAR HIGH!!!
RosemaryTwin Bridges, MT

Great candy but…

I’ve been a subscribe and save purchaser of this Nerds item for almost a year and this last batch is just awful, sour and bitter. Not sure if it is spoiled/old or what, but I’m probably going to end up tossing out most of it. Too bad, but I guess better in the long run not to munch on candy daily, anyways!
LucienMontpelier, VA

Pure sugar explosion

great if you love pure sugar, I didn’t get much of a sense of variety of flavors… just pure sugar taste. I ate them all so it must have been good. I just wish there was more actual flavors.
RaymondePond Gap, WV


We were very pleased with product. The price was very fair (far cheaper than buying individual packs at the store, and the items were well packaged!
TawnyEdroy, TX