Woodhouse Chocolate 96 pc. Traditional Assortment in a Red Box

The Traditional Assortment provides the broadest selection of our chocolates including delicately filled shells of dark, milk and white chocolate. Your box may include: Fresh Mint, Dark Hazelnut, Amaretto Almond, Gianduja, Passion Fruit and Mocha Cream, though boxes vary. Please see our index of chocolates for descriptions. Our chocolates are best when consumed within 7 to 14 days of delivery

Quick facts

  • European styled chocolates
  • Handmade in Napa Valley
  • We use the world’s finest ingredients
  • Packaged in a “hat box” with a hand tied bow
  • Makes the perfect gourmet gift

Top reviews

Woodhouse Chocolates Are the Best In the Nation

When I lived about 45 minutes southeast of St. Helena, I would be sure to drive there to Woodhouse Chocolates, at least once per month, and indulge in the best, hand-made chocolates, made on site, that I have ever had.
The Chocolatier is gifted with such a palette that ever friend in the US that would come to visit me would appreciate her chocolates more than any other.

I eventually learned to pay the $6 in next-day shipping to the east bay area and not drive there 🙂

Do know that preservatives are not used; the chocolates are perishable after 2 weeks.

You will NOT be disappointed!

FYI, buy more than you think you should….here is why…standing within the shop, while ordering, I would usually “down” about 10-12 chocolates, eat more in the car later in the day, and try my best to hang on to a few chocolates for a day or two out. IMPOSSIBLE!

Now, I live in Nashville, and one can only be shipped these gems during cooler temperatures. These are priceless.


RosannaColumbia, CT