World’s Best Milka Chocolate – Alpine Milk, 10 Bars


Quick facts

  • Ten bars – 80g each.
  • World’s Finest Quality. These chocolates cannot be found in your local store.

Top reviews

I love it!

Milka is one of the leading producers of chocolates in the world. Founded in Switzerland in 1901, the brand quickly spread throughout Western Europe. In 1990, the company was acquired by Kraft, and their wonderful chocolate is now available throughout the world!

I love Milka’s Alpine Milk chocolate. It is absolutely delicious – not as sweet as many American chocolates, and with a rich and creamy texture. Want to try a great chocolate? Get Milka’s Alpine Milk chocolate!

(Review of World’s Best Milka Chocolate – Alpine Milk)

VernettaBrainard, NE

Love the Milka Chocolate

I purchased these as a Valentine’s gift for my wife. I knew she would love them, because they’re practically all we ate when we backpacked through Europe years ago. These chocolates are impossible for us to find locally, so she’s been getting Hershey, Dove, Godiva, Ghiradelli… for the past few years. Then I checked here. Totally worth it. I’d forgotten how good these chocolates are. Those others pale in comparison to the flavor and super-smooth texture of Milka. She’ll be expecting these from now on. I wasn’t sure if I ordered in time for Valentine’s, but they actually arrived 2 days early. Excellent all around.
DeandraOlla, LA

Milk Chocoholics REJOICE! One of the BEST tasting EVER!

I never thought I would actually be reviewing milk chocolate here on ‘Amazon’, but in this case, I just had to since i’m sitting here salivating like ‘Pavlovs dog’. For years, I have been ranting and raving about how phenomenally great and smooth ‘Lacta’ milk chocolate (from ‘Kraft Foods’ division in Greece) tastes, but I could not find it here in the states. As a milk chocoholic, I would actually have my cousins in Greece send me a box of 24 bars about once a year, until now. Just today, I randomly discovered this ‘Milka’ brand on sale at my local ‘Giant Eagle’ supermarket, and was ‘blown away’ by the taste! My immediate reaction was that it tastes just like ‘Lacta’… EUREKA! Upon reading the label, I noticed that it is made by a division of ‘Kraft Foods’ in Germany. My guess is that this is the same as a ‘Lacta’ bar, but it was renamed and repackaged for the German and export market. In any case, if you love superior tasting milk chocolate, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on ‘Milka Alpenmilch’. I would rank this as the world’s BEST TASTING and unique milk chocolate, or in the top 2 or 3 ever. It’s THAT GOOD!
AnnettBatavia, IL

I’m spoiled by Milka!

I was born in Serbia, so I grew up eating Milka chocolates. I guess I have become spoiled by their creamy consistency that I would rate them as one of the best chocolates (above godiva, even.) If anyone has the store World Market close to them, they carry Milka bars. Milk chocolate with WHOLE hazelnuts are my favorite of the MIlka variety!! I highly recommened browsing online and finding a retailer that sells them. YUM!!
MarkusOrem, UT

The most incredible chocolate ever!

I went to Salzburg, Austria a few years ago and discovered Milka chocolates. The I Love Milka boxes are the BEST chocolates ever. No chocolate in the Americas could compare. I’m just now finding these online and plan to order some for friends and family.
TanyaMount Vernon, SD

Oops… Summer Heat!

I ordered this at the beginning of August. I wondered how they would deliver it without it melting, and when it arrived melted with an ice pack tied to the chocolate bars, I wasn’t really surprised! I refrigerated the package and the chocolate tasted fine cold, but it definitely became a weird, chalk like mess when it thawed. I decided to heat it and use it to dip strawberries. SO GOOD. Will order again, in the dead of winter.
YukiBay Springs, MS

Delicious Chocolate!

I consider myself a chocolate connoisseur, with dark chocolates being my ultimate pleasure. My boyfriend, however, is a very picky chocolate eater. For Christmas I had to get him his favorite chocolate, unfortunately they don’t sell it locally. Honestly, after trying Milka, I have a new favorite milk chocolate. Smooth, creamy, and melt-in-your-mouth irresistible, Milka is definitely worth buying online, even worth coercing some of the local vendors into keeping it in stock regularly!
LouraPaisley, OR

AMAZING Chocolate!

Even REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE — this Chocolate is DA BOMB!!! Some of the most delicious ever!
JenaPaden, OK

Milka Alpine Milk Bar

Milka (Alpine Milk) Chocolate is yummy (in moderation). My frustration is that it used to be carried by our local Wal-Mart which cut down on the cost. I shared my chocolate with friends and family for the holidays. If you can’t afford this treat all the time I think Dove chocolates are a reasonable substitute. Since shipping is so expensive I probably would not purchase this treat on a regular basis.
ZelmaByfield, MA