World’s Finest Chocolate Bar Assortment

World’s Finest Chocolate 50 bar variety pack. New variety includes 10 milk chocolate almond, 10 milk chocolate caramel, 10 WF Crisp, 14 milk chocolate, 6 dark chocolate. Guaranteed Fresh.

Quick facts

  • Famous World’s Finest Chocolate
  • Hot selling item!
  • Guaranteed fresh
  • 50 bar variety pack

Top reviews

Good Chocolate!

I haven’t ordered this particular box of chocolates but I have tried WORLD’S FINEST CHOCOLATES numerous times and I can tell you my opinion of the chocolate itself. I love this chocolate. This chocolate is, in my opinion, better than Hershey’s and many other brands of chocolate. This is real good chocolate in my opinion and I highly doubt that anyone would be disappointed with it.
RochellBoyd, MN