Worx Energy Dietary Supplement, Extra Strength, 2-Ounce Bottles


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worx energy drink

This product seems to work good for me. I dont get any jitters yet feel like getting things done. Nice to take about two hours from going home from work when that afternoon drawdown happens. Gives me the boost I need to finish out the day and still able to come home and get something done with out staying awake all night.
JaneWilliamsport, TN

It’s Okay

The product is okay, but 5-hr Energy (Extra Strength), and my favorite but no longer distributed – NOS Energy Power Shots, are far superior to Worx Energy Dietary Supplement (Extra Strength).

With Worx, there’s no jitters – so that’s good. It has that tangy citrus flavor like NOS energy shots (but not as yummy)…however, it taste better than 5-Hour Energy in my opinion. Worth a try – you may like it!

CarleeOden, AR