WOW Baking- Chocolate Brownie, All Natural, Wheat & Gluten Free, 2.75 oz cookie

Try our WOW all natural wheat & gluten-free chocolate brownie. Our coveted WOW Chocolate Brownies are an indulgent treat worth every bite. Fresh baked and made in small batches with premium all natural ingredients without wheat and gluten-free. Take a bite of this moist chocolate brownie flavor sensation and youÕll be saying ÒWowÓ. Cookies stay fresh for 3 weeks. Stock up and keep the extra’s in the freezer for up to a year

Quick facts

  • Always made without wheat and gluten-free
  • Delicious moist & chewy gourmet cookies
  • Premium all natural ingredients
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Individually packaged gourmet cookies

Top reviews

Good texture, good chocolate

I’ve had these several times-they’re very good brownies. They have a good texture (gluten free can mean gritty, but these are fine). They’re very chocolaty, not overly sweet.
JettieMarion, KS

Good but not my favorite

I have tried several gluten free brownie mixes that are super easy to make and really pretty darn good so my opinion of these brownies is influenced by the fact that I have made some great mixes. These are really good and convenient because they are ready-made but I would say that my ultimate favorite is the Gluten Free Pantry mix. I would compare these more with the Trader Joe’s gluten free mix which is really good as well.
JimmiePerkinsville, VT

Pretty Bad

I do most of my own baking, but I decided to order these out of curiosity. They all ended up in the trash. They are bitter and gritty. I understand that this is a problem with a lot of gluten free baked goods, but I have found ways around it. These were bad.
LinwoodLa Center, KY


I have tried many gluten free brownies these are the best. Good Good Good!
DaysiRockwood, PA

Moist & Delicious!!!

These WOW Gluten Free Brownies are exquisitely delicious. They are at least as good as brownies made from wheat products, if not better. They are moist and chocolaty. There is no sour or flat taste that is common with many gluten free baked goods. Because there is no gluten there is a lack of chewiness that is common to some fudge brownies, but the moist mouthwatering taste is unsurpassed.

I have given these gluten free brownies to people who are not gluten intolerant and they wanted more. WOW knows how to bake!

The one caveat, if you are lactose intolerant, is that WOW uses butter as an ingredient. If a dozen are ordered, I would also recommend putting some in the freezer. It helps dissuade from eating all of them at once and keeps them around longer. These are absolutely “finger lickin’ good”!

MadelynBelmont, NY