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Wrigley FLARE gum

My personal favorite. Longest-lasting, most flavorful sugar-free cinnamon gum I have ever had. However, not for those with a sensitive tongue…it is pretty strong and can sting a little bit at first. If you tolerate medium to hot salsa, you will be OK.
ReannaAndersonville, TN


Ok, I quit smoking cigs in July of ’09 with the HELP of Wrigley’s FLARE gum. The Flare has to be the BEST EVER cinnamon gum I have ever chewed….My COMPLAINT IS………..in Texas where I live, THERE IS NOT ONE DARN PLACE THAT SALES IT ANYMORE!!! I can not tell you how utterly disappointed I am!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that you are not discontinuing Flare…..As long as I can still come here and purchase Flare then I can deal with the lack of consideration of the reps that distribute here in Texas….That”s all…just wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible tasting cinnamon gum that assisted me giving up the smokes! 🙂
LeeannTangent, OR