Wrigleys orbit sugarfree gum raspberry mint – 14 piece pack, 12 count box


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Tatses like cough medicine

Unlike the Trident Cool Colada, the mint and fruit does not mix too well here. Tastes kinda like Robitussin or Formula 44.
MargaretteHastings, NY

Tastes great

This does not taste at all like “cough syrup” as the other reviewer stated.

This is the best gum out there and I highly recommend it.

I am not a plant, I live in Austin, TX and bought a pack of this in San Antonio – I just ordered a box on Amazon.

This and the Lemon are the best flavors Orbit makes.


TonyPresho, SD

orbit raspberry gum

This is their best flavor and hard to find in stores. I love it.
RavenHarshaw, WI