Wyler’s Light Sugar Free Drink Mix, Iced Tea With Peach, 1.35-Ounce

Take the refreshing taste of Wyler’s Light anywhere you go. The individual packets for your bottled water allow you to enjoy a quick and delicious drink at the gym, during work, in your car or wherever your day takes you. Just Pour, Shake and Enjoy. It’s all about how Wyler’s Light Iced Tea w/Lemon makes people feel. Introducing…the Best Refreshment since water! Refreshing true taste of Wyler’s Light in every sip. Wyler’s Iced Tea w/Lemon, soft drink mix. Caffeine free. Sugar Free, only 5 calories per serving. Sweetened with Aspartame.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 12-Quart canisters
  • Its wheat and gluten free
  • Its caffeine free
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews

One LUMP or Two

I don’t like it because when you pour the powder into a Bottle of COLD water it turns into lumps and remains in small lumps not being dissolved into the fluid as the lemonade or raspberry drink mix. Pass on it get another flavor that does dissolve and tastes good. Maybe it will dissolve in warm water but I like my drinks cold on a warm day. I pay $1.00 for a box of 8 Packets in a local Houston grocery store. They do sell out fast.
CelestinaGrapeville, PA

Always Delicious!!

We really enjoy the Wyler’s drink products. The ones we buy are low calorie and very tasty. We’ve been drinking them for years and wish they were more readily available in our local stores.
JeniceMiddlesboro, KY

Can’t find it anywhere!!!!

This stuff was the best. Nice fresh peach taste. I ran out and cannot find it anywhere.
BradleyIgo, CA

Refreshing, SugarFree AND Decaf

This is without a doubt the best in it’s class. Far exceeds Crystal Light and store brands. And for me, the real added bonus is it’s decaf. Very difficult to find a good peach tea that’s both decaf and sugar free, but Wyler’s has done it and done it extremely well. My hubby is now hooked on this as well. The peach flavor is not overwhelming and the sweetness is just right. A very refreshing drink anytime of year, but especially on a hot summer day.
PatCorsica, PA

Peach tea

I love this tea. Wylers is the best peach tea out there. For an instant tea you can’t get any better.
MarchelleMabton, WA