Wysong C-Biotic Dog Food Supplements

Wysong C-Biotic Dog Food Supplements uses all natural food sources to offer additional micronutrients, probiotics, and enzymes to processed dog food. This dog food supplement enhances and augments the nutritional value of commercial dog food. It is a concentrated, non-processed food source of micronutrients, active enzymes, probiotic cultures, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other micronutrients in a convenient powdered form. To use, simply shake 1 teaspoon (3-4 full shakes) per 15 pounds of body weight on your dog’s food daily. About WysongSince 1979 Dr. Wysong’s vision of providing truly natural, holistic pet food has been realized through pioneering research and commitment to principle. Wysong views your pet’s health as en extremely serious concern and strives to develop state-of-the-art diets through their in-house pet health doctorate professionals. Unlike the typical pet food company, Wysong does not outsource their manufacturing or expertise. For several generations, Wysong products have been fed to thousands of dogs, cats, ferrets, and horses alike, shoring up their health against common diseases and ailments throughout their lives. Wysong provides free pet health information to owners and the most nutritious pet food available to see their wish of the very best health for you and your pet become a reality. They don’t call themselves ”the thinking person’s pet food” for nothing. Sprinkle on dog food to add micronutrients. Enhances and augments nutrition. Available in 5 pound pail or 9.5 oz. bottle. Provides essential probiotic cultures and enzymes. Easy to use and tasty for your dog.

Quick facts

  • Sprinkle on dog food to add micronutrients
  • Enhances and augments nutrition
  • Provides essential probiotic cultures and enzymes

Top reviews

Fabulous stuff – our dogs can eat anything with no more diahrea

This wonderful stuff has made such a difference for both our dogs. We have used it for about 4 years. Our younger dog frequently had runny stools – the vet often put him on powerful anti-biotics for the diahrea. Since I started adding a tablespoon of this to all his meals, he can eat anything (including raw meat) with no loose stools, ever! (My dogs are currently eating primarily a fresh food diet that I prepare.) A vet suggested Wysong C-biotic for the pro-biotics, but I believe it also has digestive enzymes that our dog may have been missing. Our older dog had terrible allergies. She was on a variety of meds and even received regular allergy shots. Adding this to her meals made a significant difference. It didn’t make sense to me, but her old vet (who is not very holistic) said it made perfect sense. The immune system is based in the gut, and it is the immune system that goes haywire and creates allergies. Getting the old dog’s digestive track working better helped her immune system work more normally. (Not to say her allergies are gone, but it is as helpful as many of the other things we do for her.) The dogs love the taste of it too!
ChanellArtie, WV