Xlear Spry Xylitol Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces – Great Tasting Natural Chewing Gum That is Aspartame Free, Promotes Oral Health, and Fights Bad Breath

Have you been looking for bad breath gum or dry mouth gum? Are you concerned with your dental health and hygiene but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you just want an easy way to freshen up after a meal? Whatever your concern, the solution is right here. Spry Dental Defense Xylitol Gum has all of this and more. Not only is it incredibly tasty and refreshing with its all-natural ingredients, but it’s also chock-full of great benefits for your dental health. Not sure what exactly xylitol is? Xylitol is actually a white crystalline substance that looks, tastes, and feels like sugar BUT it is all natural! It’s actually what you might find in a variety of produce and is even found in tiny amounts right in our own body. With years and years of research, xylitol has been found to have great benefits and have a positive impact on your natural health. If you’re concerned with things like respiratory issues, dental health or just your overall sugar consumption xylitol is the answer. So at Spry Dental Defense we’ve gone ahead and put it right into your natural chewing gum, so there is no need to purchase sugar or aspartame-boosted gum that will only hinder your dental hygiene (and potentially your health). You can chew aspartame free gum that actually helps you! It’s never too late to start taking care of your teeth and improve your dental habits. Start today with this amazing xylitol gum. By just chewing a piece or two of Spry Dental Defense gum after every meal you’ll be on the road to recovery by inhibiting bacteria and stopping bad breath. It’s a win-win! Directions Enjoy one or two pieces of Spry Xylitol Gum after each meal or whenever you need a quick, refreshing splash of flavor. Ingredients Xylitol, Gum Base, Cinnamon Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Soy Lecithin, Calcium Carbonate, Beeswax.

Quick facts

  • ORAL CARE MADE EASY – One of the easiest ways to promote oral health is to chew Spry Cinnamon Xylitol Gum regularly in-between meals. With a spicy-sweet cinnamon flavor, Spry Xylitol Gum tastes great while working to improve oral health and fight bad breath. This aspartame free gum also stimulates saliva production reducing symptoms of dry mouth
  • HOW DOES SPRY XYLITOL GUM WORK? Xylitol is a natural ingredient that inhibits bacteria’s ability to stick to your teeth. When bacteria can’t stick, they can’t colonize. When they can’t colonize, they can’t make their acid by-product, which is the main cause of plaque and tooth decay
  • WHY CINNAMON IS A GREAT CHOICE – The natural cinnamon flavor offers a tingly burst of sweet and spicy flavor, which provides a nice alternative to other aspartame free gum. By chewing the refreshing deliciousness you create a xylitol-rich environment in your mouth so bacteria can’t even start playing havoc with your oral health
  • WHAT HEALTH PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT XYLITOL – Dentists are sold on Xylitol Gum. So are many periodontists, pediatricians, doctors and health organizations. They all know that scientific research shows the health benefits of xylitol in reducing sugar consumption and slowing bacterial growth. In fact, many consumers learn about Spry Xylitol Gum from their dentists
  • SAY GOODBYE TO BAD BREATH: Ever struggle with bad breath after a meal? Spry Cinnamon Chewing Gum can help prevent bad breath caused by a poor pH balance, dry mouth, and the lack of saliva. Chewing xylitol gum after meals can increase your saliva output and help neutralize the acids that cause bad breath

Top reviews

Beware of Xylitol

Don’t let your Dogs get anywhere near gum with Zylitol in it. Don’t leave it where a dog will accidentally get into it!! They have no cure for dogs who eat it and it will, I repeat will kill them. There is nothing that will help. They don’t know yet why but if just a minute portion of a it, will kill your dog, what does it do to you? I just don’t chew gum anymore since it is so hard to find just old fashioned regular gum with sugar and no additives. Aspartame;bad, Xylitol;worse. They all change motablism. No wonder obesity is so prevalent now. I would like just regular sugar based gum.
TaunyaOxford, NE

Yummy way to save your teeth

Let’s face it. No one wants to get bad news from the dentist. Proper dental care can go a long way to keeping one’s teeth for a lifetime.

The generation that grew up in the Depression and World War II many times did not have good dental care. No fluoride, sealants, waterpiks, sonic toothbrushes and the like. It wasn’t uncommon for a person in their 30s to be missing a few teeth. People generally could look forward to wearing dentures as their teeth became so rotten, the only thing to do was to pull them.

Today, we don’t have such problems. And one of the reasons is the use of xylitol to help kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. The main reason for dental decay is a bacterium called S. Mutans. This bug feeds on sugars and starches, secreting acids which destroy tooth enamel, which leads to decay and cavities. There are various ways to defeat this bug, brushing, fluoride, flossing and sealants all have their place.

A more modern addition to the decay-preventing fight is xylitol. It’s a sugar alcohol that S. Mutans cannot digest. Sucking on mints or chewing gum with xylitol a few times a day is a easy and tasty way to curb this nasty bacteria.

I’ve been chewing xylitol gum and eating xylitol mints for a number of years, and I’ve noticed that my dental problems have really improved.

Highly recommended. My only complaint is that this gum is so delicious, I tend not to ration it to make it last longer. Try Spry. Your mouth will thank you for it. (Maybe not your dentist, though).

RyanMattawamkeag, ME

disappointing, the gum seemed old and stale

I have purchased this same spry gum at the local health food store and love it. I saw it on amazon and free super saver shipping. The price was good and it seemed like a good deal. Once I tasted the gum I knew something was wrong. It seemed stale or old. The expiration date was fine …. not bad until 2013 so then why. I don’t know if the shipping conditions were bad and exposed to heat or cold, but I will not be buying this from amazon again.
MarhtaSherrill, NY

Long-lasting flavor in a xylitol gum

I’ve tried five flavors of Spry gum: peppermint, spearmint, green tea, fresh fruit, and cinnamon. Cinnamon is by far my favorite. The flavor lasts for longer than any of the other Spry flavors. The warming effect of cinnamon oil also offsets the cooling effect of xylitol, making it not feel as strange in the mouth.

I really like that the gum is flavored with xylitol. Unlike some brands that advertise that they contain xylitol, Spry actually uses it as their only sweetener. Most sugarless gums make me sick, as I can’t handle sorbitol and maltitol well. It’s great that I can chew this without having intestinal problems.

LaurindaLos Alamitos, CA

Nice cinnamon taste

I snack a lot, and I don’t always have time to brush my teeth afterwards, so I’m trying to chew this gum after eating. It has a nice flavor, not too sweet. I’m not chewing it for long periods of time, but the flavor lasts long enough for me. The larger size is more cost effective, and I’m keeping one at my desk and one in my car.
JanaeLive Oak, CA

Everything from China

Personally, I have read too much and heard too many news reports about the lack of valid oversight in China when it comes to the health and safety of their products and ingredients (from medicines to food to children’s toys…) for me to be comfortable with their products. This is a personal decision because for me, health is paramount in life.

Here is part of an email I received from Xlear about their products in answer to my questions about the origin of their products:

“Good Afternoon,

The raw Xylitol comes from China, shipped to Orem, UT and that is where we make the Xlear Nasal Spray. Our Gum, Mints and Candies are all made in China. The rest of our products are made here in the states. I hope that was the information you were looking for. Have a nice day!

Xlear Inc.”

I find this especially troubling because the nasal spray has a big red, white and blue shield that says “Made in the USA.” So all the ingredients come from China and are put together in Utah. Can this really be legal? To say “Made in the USA” when all the ingredients are from China?

If it is ‘legal’ to say this (yes, we have big problems with our own FDA)…it is still unethical in my opinion. Deceptive, misleading. Sigh…American business and politics. Maybe we should all just move to China. And get jobs in their factories.

ShebaMonroe, NC

Titanium Dioxide

Spry uses Titanium Dioxide to color their gum white, very disappointing. A lot of gum uses this possible carcinogen still I purchased this gum for it’s natural properties. I also bought Glee gum which does not have titanium dioxide.
MohamedCroydon, UT

Don’t bother, Flavor is gone in 30 seconds…

Intense flavor to begin with, but the flavor disappears within 30 seconds… Don’t waste your money. I would have expected this gum to last at least 5 minutes or longer.. but as little time as it did. There is no value in this item.
RetaEdison, GA

horrible, stale and no flavor

this is one of the worst gums I have ever had. It taste stale and old and the flavor lasts about 1 minute. warning, do not purchase, if you do you will be sorry.
EzekielDeadwood, SD

bad gum

Let me just say that I normally don’t review things that I buy from amazon, but I felt that it had to be known that this gum is less than spectacular. I chew about a 12-14 count pack of gum a day, but the flavor runs out on this in a mere minutes. I find myself eating 20-40 pieces. If you want xylitol gum, I think you should look for other brands, namely Trident.
HangPontiac, MI

hard, flavor losing cubes….

if you like to chew on gum that goes flat within minutes and transforms into a hard flavorless lump, then this gum is for you. It deserves no stars yet this wasn’t an option.
YahairaMoberly, MO


I would never buy this – the taste hardly lasts half a minute and then you are just basically chewing on very hard rubber. Horrible gum.
PorfirioMeridian, OK

Pieces are smaller than expected

The pieces are smaller than most of the chiclet gums (Eclipse, Trident, etc.) I’m guessing about 3/4 of the size. Give that, they don’t hold a ton of flavor, 5-10 minutes tops. Otherwise no issues with the flavor.
EmmyCarney, MI

Spry Chewing gum

This gum is great! I love the cinnamon flavor and the fact it is made with Xylitol for the sweetner.
NedraGibson, TN

Spry gum – delicious

Fast service, great price.
The gum taste great. Will always buy this gum from now on.
EdgardoHusser, LA

chewing gum

i was pleasantly surprised that one piece was enough for me and the cinnamon taste wasn’t real strong. it is also great that this gum doesn’t contain aspartame so i am able once again to enjoy chewing gum. the taste seemed to last longer than normal gum.
SuzanWyano, PA

Has TOXIC ingredients

Has toxic magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide which is carcinogen.
This explains WHY the ingredients are not displayed and you need to BUY a product to see what’s in it.
TRY Ricochet Mints with Xylitol, Peppermint — it’s THE BEST!
All natural and has only THREE ingredients: Xylitol, Gum Arabic, and Peppermint Essential Oil.
NakitaGabriels, NY


I love the flavor of this sugarless gum. I just wish that it were made in USA. My dentist recommended it so I tried it. I have tried both the Spearmint and now the Cinnamon flavors. Both were wonderful.
AlbertoRavenswood, WV

Our favorite gum!

We do not use artificial sweeteners, and this is the only gum that we chew! It’s great for your teeth. The cinnamon is our favorite flavor. The flavor lasts a long time and freshens your breath. It is not exactly like regular gum and will not last as long when compared to the artificial sweeteners in other gums. But there is really no comparison since we don’t use these types of gum. My whole family loves it, from my husband and I to our 6 year old and teenager. Our second flavor is peppermint.
BillieBelmont, MI

Good for what I needed, but the flavor does not last

I wanted this gum because studies have shown xylitol reduces tooth decay (see Wikipedia quote below). I put this in my kids’ lunch, because they have had some issues with cavities, and despite my begging that they brush at lunch, I am very sure they are not. I take this gum also, and I chew it after my lunch. I know my kids will chew this, even if the flavor doesn’t last long, because it’s gum- and all gum is better than no gum. On the negatives side, if you are looking for a gum that stays soft and chewy and flavorful for a long time, this isn’t it. I like the flavor- it’s not bitter like some cinnamon gums, but I can’t say it lasts long. I chew it, feel it freshens my breath and may help my teeth, and the pretty quickly, when it starts to taste like unflavored rubber, I spit it out.

what follows is from wiki:

Xylitol is a “toothfriendly” sugar. In addition to not encouraging tooth decay (by replacing dietary sugars), xylitol may actively aid in repairing minor cavities caused by dental caries.[citation needed] Early studies from Finland in the 1970s found that a group chewing sucrose gum had 2.92 decayed, missing, or filled (dmf) teeth compared to 1.04 in the group chewing xylitol gums. In another study, researchers had mothers chew xylitol gum 3 months after delivery until their children were 2 years old. The researchers found that the xylitol group had “a 70% reduction in caries (dmf).” Recent research confirms a plaque-reducing effect and suggests that the compound, having some chemical properties similar to sucrose, attracts and then “starves” harmful micro-organisms, allowing the mouth to remineralize damaged teeth with less interruption. (However, this same effect also interferes with yeast micro-organisms and others, so xylitol is inappropriate for making yeast-based bread, for instance.)

Xylitol based products are allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the medical claim that they do not promote dental caries.[9]

MaritzaSerena, IL

Chew it for health only.

Xylitol is supposedly good for your teeth, and that’s why I bought this product. Is it actually good for the teeth? I don’t know, but it’s nice to know I’m actively trying to improve my health.

The flavor of this gum is quite good, sweet and cinnamony with a little kick, but it lasts for all of 3 minutes. I don’t even know why it says chew for at least 5 minutes on the jar if the flavor lasts for less than that.

ArlindaKarval, CO

Spry Gum

I got this gum on recommendation from my dentist. Can’t beat the price. The taste is great. I just wish the flavor lasted longer and the gum didn’t get so hard from chewing after just a few minutes.
GarnetHarrington Park, NJ

Helps Dry Mouth

I have Sjogrens syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that makes your body attack its moisture producing glands. I have dry mouth very bad and sometimes I have trouble swallowing because of the dryness. This gum has been very helpful with adding moisture and increasing my comfort level. I really like the flavor of the cinnamon gum even though it doesn’t last as long as I would like but that’s minor in my case.
DeltaTownsend, TN

Made in China

The gum is OK but I found out that it is made with ingredients from China. No thank you. China has virtually zero health controls over consumable goods. You can get USA made Xylitol gum that uses USA Xylitol called “Xyla” from their web site. Just Google them.
MelaineLincoln, TX

Great taste…. for about 5 seconds

I had to post a review of this because the Spry gum is so ridiculous. I thought I was getting a great deal, but I suppose you get what you pay for. I eat two of these every time and the flavor is gone literally within about one minute (that is probably even a bit generous). I would not recommend this gum to anyone. The cinnamon flavor is amazing initially, but, as I said, the flavor lasts so briefly it is not worth it at all. If you are just getting this because you want to chew on something, go ahead and buy this, but don’t expect flavor.
KittyHaldeman, KY

No flavor

I was so disappointed with the flavor (or lack thereof) that I threw out the remaining pieces. I only tried a few but I just couldn’t love it. The cinnamon flavor wasn’t strong at all and after a few minutes I felt like I was just chewing rubber. I like gum to give me a ‘fresher’ feel and this didn’t help at all. I will never order again, no matter the price. My order was a complete waste of money.
AlexisDouglas City, CA

30 second gum

It was okay for about 30 seconds then most of the flavor had gone and the gum was hard to chew. It also started to get an off taste. I was hoping it was going to be good, I have tried the mints and there pretty good, different but good. I would agree with another reviewer that it’s like chewing on a piece of rubber.
PerryMorrisonville, IL

Tastes good, for 10 seconds

I decided to give Spry Cinnamon a chance, reading mostly positives reviews about it. When I first popped a piece in, it tasted great! However, and I am not exaggerating, the flavor was gone in 10 seconds . . . I have never had a gum that the flavor went out so fast in. And like others have said, the gum does turn a little hard and nasty within a minute. I like the idea of it being all natural and helping your teeth, but it’s not worth it to me.
ElliottLiberty Hill, SC

I love this gum.

Am I really writing a review for gum?

Great for the HCG diet. No sugar, cinnaminty… Yum.

I love having the big tub of it. What more can I say? I eat the stuff like candy.

PriscillaMagnolia, MS

Good gum

flavor doesn’t last very long, but its natural gum, so who cares. I love the cinnamon flavor! I buy this stuff all the time! GREAT GUM EVER!!
IleenBicknell, IN