XTREME Sour Smarties, 16 Oz

X-Treme Sour Smarties Candy Rolls. Just like the original Smarties, but SOUR. Available in 1 pound, 5 pounds, 10 pounds.

Quick facts

  • Made in Canada

Top reviews

Half sour half regular

Almost half of what should have been sour smarties was just regular ones, that’s not what I ordered. If this was meant to be a mix then this should have been clearly stated. I did not give one star simply because there’s a chance this was a mistake, and I don’t want to be mean. Unfortunately I did not notice till after id opened and eaten some of the candy, oh well.
LawanaKipnuk, AK

Smarties are the Best

Every year I put together a treat bags for the trick-or-treaters, in which I get about 120 plus every year. Smarties is one candy that I have to put in, not because of its cheap price, because it has a great taste that both kids and adults love.
RhebaClarks, LA


They should stop making regular Smarties and just sell these. Great flavor and just the right sourness/tartness level – much more intense than regular Smarties.
MarcieCarthage, TX