XyliChew Sugar Free Chewing Gum, Fruit, 12-Count Packages


Quick facts

  • Case of 24 12-count packs (total of 288 pieces)
  • Sugar-free fruit gum sweetened with 100% xylitol
  • Low-calorie; low-carbohydrate; non-GMO; no wheat, corn, or gluten
  • Helps prevent cavities; convenient, take-along packs
  • Sweet, juicy, and naturally flavorful; made in Finland

Top reviews

Handy Xylichew packets

Xylichew is the only gum I use. It tastes better than any other gum I’ve ever had. And then, there is the added benefit of xylitol which is good for teeth. And these packets are perfect for carrying Xylichew with you on the go!
MaryjoGeorgetown, IL