XyliChew Sugar Free Chewing Gum, Peppermint, 12-Count Packages

Xylichew Gum is sweetened with xylitol, a plant-source sweetener. Xylitol is a safe and natural sweetener made from Birch that promotes good health. Xylitol decreases plaque formation and adhesion, cuts off dental acid attacks, hardens tooth enamel and repairs small emerging cavities. It has a cooling effect in the mouth, leaves no aftertaste, and is an ideal sweetener for a gum.

Quick facts

  • Case of 24 12-count packs (total of 288 pieces)
  • Sugar-free peppermint gum sweetened with 100% xylitol
  • Low-calorie; low-carbohydrate; non-GMO; no wheat, corn, or gluten
  • Helps prevent cavities; convenient, take-along packs
  • Sweet, juicy, and naturally flavorful; made in Finland

Top reviews

Great Gum

I like to chew gum and I also like my teeth. I am also allergic to most artifical sweetners and it is getting more and more difficult to find sugar free gums that do not contain aspartame. This is why I purchased this product in the first place. I like the flavor and it lasts quite a long time. The packets are the perfect size to fit in your pocket or purse. I always have some on hand at work, especially for after lunch. I will certainly be buying more.
JaniseSwiftwater, PA

Best gum ever!

I’m into maximizing health. I don’t use any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars in any form. Xylichew was a great find because its ingredient list is actually safe. This is rare for a gum. The gum has a great taste, it has the right amount of sweetness, and the pieces are a good size. I take half a piece at a time, while my wife prefers a whole piece. If you are looking for a safe gum – this is the one. And Amazon has such a sweet deal on it – don’t pass it up!
MilaYauco, PR

Xylichew is great

As a gum addict, I was looking for a natural alternative to the artificial-flavor/artificial-sweetener varieties. This gum is great. Now, the flavor comes from real peppermint, so it’s not going to last as long as the fake stuff, nor it will be as mind-blowingly intense as some of the new super-flavored gums. But if that’s ok with you and you’d like to chew something that doesn’t put weird chemicals into your body, this is for you. It’s expensive, sadly, but what can you expect? Buying it in bulk here helps.
NamAudubon, NJ

Great gum

Very tasty gum and the xylitol is wonderful. My youngest daughter’s dentist recommneds that she chew xylitol gum 3 to 4 times each day to help prevent cavities. Her baby teeth had a cavity in every tooth along with three crowns!!!! Her adult teeth seem to be much more cavity resistent and I believe the gum is helping prevent the cavities.
AkikoBartonsville, PA

Good sugar free gum with quality ingredients and it’s NOT made in China.

If you look at the vast majority of sugar free gums in the store, you’ll see all kinds of nasty chemicals on the ingredients label. There are a few xylitol sweetened options available online and at health food or vitamin stores. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can safely be consumed by diabetics and purportedly PREVENTS tooth decay and has some other health benefits (research it). XyliChew is the only brand I’ve found that I can definitively say is NOT produced in China or sourced from materials produced in China. XyliChew is produced in Finland. Given China’s contaminated products record the past few years, I would trust a product from Finland over China any day. The gum itself has a nice peppermint flavor that does not last too long. That’s okay by me, as I generally just chew this gum after a meal for dental health. It’s pretty expensive, but you can get free shipping and a discount through Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program. XyliChew comes in other flavors, but the last time I checked Peppermint is the only one available through the “Subscribe & Save” program.
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep any products with xylitol away from dogs; it’s toxic to them.
LesleyBothell, WA

Xylichew Peppermint Gum

Have had this gum from other sources and always liked it. This particular shipment seems to have much less peppermint flavor than before…could be it is older gum(there is no expiration date on it) or they are making it with less peppermint now. Otherwise I received this order very quickly.
KierstenSterling, CT

Good gum

This is an excellent sugar-free gum for those who don’t want saccarine or aspertame. Many commercial gums that are advertised as containing xylitol also contain unnatural, chemical sweeteners. The flavor and soft texture lasts very well in the peppermint and fruit flavors. Another family member really enjoys the licorice one. The chocolate has a disappointing flavor, and the cinnamon, which to me tastes like almond at first, quickly gets hard and loses flavor. Haven’t tried spearmint. While the serving size is listed as 2 pieces, I find 1 is exactly the right amount for my mouth.
ElnoraStevensville, MI