XyliChew Sugar Free Mints, Peppermint, 240-Count Jars

100% Xylitol. Good for your teeth. Fights dry mouth. Product of Finland.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 2 (total 480 count)
  • Sugar-free peppermint mints sweetened with 100% xylitol
  • Low-calorie; low-carbohydrate; no wheat, corn, or gluten
  • Helps prevent cavities; convenient, compact container
  • Refreshing and naturally flavorful; made in Finland

Top reviews

great all natural mints

I really like these mints. They have a good flavor & last quite a while. I also bought the peppermint XyliChew gum, but like the mints better. They have the same amount of cavity-fighting xylitol as the gum. I will get these again.
LenaEast Smithfield, PA


Xylitol is fantastic for dental health.

These mints are great because they don’t contain any of the less-than-ideal additives (like aspartame-nutrasweet, saccharin, sorbitol, mannitol, artificial flavors, artificial colors, etc.) that make most other gums and mints, even those with xylitol as an ingredient, problematic.

The flavor is nice, the texture is fine, the appearance is normal (just a cute little white tablet).

Note that these mints are manufactured in Finland and the xylitol is sourced from birch wood [also, it’s non-GMO (not genetically modified)], which is not the case with some other brands of xylitol products, which source their xylitol from China and/or from corn.

I wish that these mints could be purchased in smaller amounts, because the price for the 2-pack of these giant containers is quite a lot of money to spend on something you’ve never tried before. I’m sure more people would give them a try if they packaged this in a 30-mint, portable little cardboard box or something, and sold it as an “add-on” product at Amazon for 2 dollars or something, just so folks could try them out.

RonnaMillbury, OH

Very good xylitol mints, kids love them too

These mints are great — I like the minty taste and the cavity-preventing xylitol content.

My kids enjoy the taste and having 1-2 after each meal has become a treat.

Xylitol, Calcium lactate, Magnesium stearate, natural peppermint oil, menthol, gum arabic, beeswax, carnaubawax

There are 240 pieces per jar, so 480 pcs total for the 2-pack.

Product of Finland — NOT made in China!

JustineHacienda Heights, CA

Convenient tasty alternative when brushing is not

I like the idea that eating sweets would actually help fighting cavities. It also tastes very good. On the other hand, the mint size is very small, and the taste is not very strong compared to other artificial mints. But for being a natural product, it still gets 5 stars.
MarielWest Middleton, IN

Great mints. Made in Finland.

These mints taste great and have a strong peppermint flavor. These are also made in Finland which is great news. The cheaper xylitol mints and gums are made in China. With all the health related scares (and deaths) with some Chinese products, then why take a chance? With these Xylichew mints, you can have peace of mind knowing they are NOT made in China.
ReannaDonnellson, IL

Daughters love these mints

Both of my daughters love these mints. Wish they were cheaper, but the xylitol is so good for your teeth that I will continue to buy them for my girls, along with the gum made by Xylichew.
VonnieBakerton, KY

Not minty enough and crumbly

Unfortunately, I am stuck with 480 mints that I do not like because you cannot return these kind of items to Amazon (which makes sense, I guess). Anyway, when you first put the mint in your mouth there is no taste. Zero. Then, as the mint gets crumbly — not in a slow dissolve way but just a fall apart way — you get a little mint. Maybe I got a bad batch, but whatever the case I certainly would not buy this brand again, and I learned not to buy items I’ve never tried in such a large quantity.
LeonoreDixon, NM

Love these mints!!

I’ve been looking for mints without all the chemicals, and my brother recommended these. They have a nice, mellow peppermint taste, and no gross aftertaste.

Love them!!

JeanneTwelve Mile, IN