Xylitol Crystals, 1 Pound

Xylitol Crystals, 1 Pound

Quick facts

  • 1 pound bag
  • An all natural sugar substitute used one to one in most recipes.
  • Approved for use by diabetics.
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Top reviews

xylitol crystals

As everybody knows by now, xylitol tastes a lot like sugar, just a little sweeter. It cannot be absorbed by the cavity causing bacteria in ones mouth so they ingest it and die. It is the only really “safe” form of sugar, and can be Mixed with aspartame to become a sugar substitute with fewer calories and no risk of dental davities. It cooks up great, no one else can tell when they eat it that it’s healthy for them. My teenagers think they are getting a treat and I’m watching out for their medical and dental health.
HanneloreTomales, CA

great price

so much less expensive than other brands. not very informative packaging, though, and who knows if it’s organic or what. a little clumpy. but hey – as far as having no-sugar staples in the house, you can’t beat the price!
DeloraKeysville, VA

very good sweetner

This sweetner is courser than the xylitol I bought from a health food store, but much cheaper also. It has some lumps, but I think it is still a good quality sweetner. I actually like the courser granules. I use it in my low glycemic cooking. It can be substituted teaspoon per teaspoon for sugar.
BrantGardner, KS


No instructions or serving suggestions – I had to experiment to find out that it’s pretty much spoon for spoon or cup for cup like sugar. It’s not as sweet a taste as sugar and isn’t as good as stevia, but it’s okay.
TeenaOtter Creek, FL

xylitol crystals

These xylitol crystals are great. They can be used to replace sugar in any recipe, great for baking. I can’t have sugar, but I can have xylitol and I love to bake. I would recommend this product.
ManualStandish, ME