Xylitol Sweetened DARK Chocolates, 15 pcs, 4.23 oz

This is for ONE great bag of Xylitol Sweetened DARK Chocolates, 15 pcs, 4.23 oz

Quick facts

  • xylitol sweetened, sugar free

Top reviews

Xylitol-sweetened chocolate CAN be yummy

I had an enormous hope for this “patent-pending” technology and was shocked to find that this product doesn’t taste like anything. I thought is was just me and tested it on several genetically different individuals. Everybody had the same perception. Several companies distribute this product under different labels.

I found a small maker who takes custom orders, and she made incredible chocolate sweetened only with xylitol! Again, tested on several people. E-mail her: cocosrawchocolates at yahoo.

LorileeEllerslie, MD


i totally disagree with the other review. i think these chocolates are creamy and delicious. they are expensive but even at that i am a repeat customer.
MelinaSolsville, NY