Xylitol Sweetener Xylosweet, 5 Lb Bag

The Perfect Sweetener! Xylitol is an amazing substance! It is made from birch trees (and other plants). 25 years of medical research has proven that xylitol is effective in preventing and healing sinus infections, ear aches, sore throats and bladder infections, because it creates a slippery surface that bacteria cannot attach to. This works in the mouth as well, preventing tooth decay. From a dietary standpoint, Xylitol enters the cells without the need for insulin, making it safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics. It has a glycemic index of just 7, compared to sugar’s rating of 100. Best of all- as far as I am concerned-is that it sweetens food without an aftertaste, and is cup-for-cup the same sweetness as sugar, so you can use your favorite recipes. That is a huge benefit, because you will be able to replace sugar in your family’s diet without changing the foods they love and are familiar with. The only thing xylitol won’t do is crystalize, so you cannot use it to make hard candy.

Quick facts

  • An all natural sweetener to replace other sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • A third of the calories of common table sugar with a low glycemic index, safe for diabetics
  • Recommended by dental professionals to help reduce the risk of dental caries and tooth decay
  • No aftertaste

Top reviews

Not sugar

It states to use it like sugar. Well, not exactly. It does not work in homemade cookies. They wanted to crumble removing them from the cookie sheet. The ones I salvaged, were OK frozen.

And using to make homemade jam, it crystalized when the jam cooled. Need to get it hot to use. Very disappointing.

Good for use by teaspoon as you do sugar.

EssieCoosa, GA

great for baking

I love to bake and my son is on a sugar free gluten free diet. I use agave nectar a lot, but I use this sweetener like sugar when agave just wont substitute well in a recipe. It works great. I havent had any problems with it.
LoraineHowe, IN