XyloBurst Blister Pack Gum Spearmint

XyloBurst Spearmint Xylitol Blister Pack Gum – (12 pieces) Convenient, simple and fits in any pocket, XyloBurst Blister Cards are perfect for those on the go. Each blister card contains 12 pieces of breath-freshening XyloBurst gum. And each box contains 12 blister cards. It’s just like you see at the checkout counter. Sweet and refreshing yet sugar-free, XyloBurst xylitol chewing gum will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Sweetened exclusively with 100% all-natural xylitol and recommended by dentist worldwide, XyloBurst xylitol chewing gum has positive oral health benefits. Each piece has over 1 gram of xylitol. So remember, 6 to 8 grams a day may help improve oral health.

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Top reviews

Good gum!!

This is good gum. Larger pieces, softer chewing texture than some I’ve tried. The mint flavor is good and long lasting. Awesome that it doesn’t cause cavities and doesn’t have brain rotting artificial sweeteners.
NikiHawkinsville, GA

Best I found so far

I chew A LOT of gum because when I work out or hike, it keeps my mouth from going dry. Even when I knew Aspartame wasn’t good for me, I didn’t care too much as long as the gum worked. Then I had my first kid turn 1 yr and she noticed me chewing gum and wanted some. She also found some that I left low enough for her to get into and we found her chewing away. That’s when I decided no more Aspartame crap for my family. So the hunt began and I went to natural sugar gum (but didn’t like the sugar aspect) and then discovered xylitol products, and finally this gum. I love it! Yes, the drawback is that this gum doesn’t last as long as the Aspartame gums, but the trade off is that it’s actually good for you. Go google Xylitol and see the benefits. So now I actually give my daughter this gum after meals and usually whenever she wants because it’s that good (I consider it like if she wanted to eat vegetables all the time, I would let her). I’ve been buying Xyloburst gum for at least a year now. Great flavor, great for your teeth, and you can relax knowing that it’s SAFE for your family. I’ve tried this flavor, fruit, and peppermint, and they all rock! Enjoy!
MitsueArmona, CA

Best Xylitol Gum I’ve Tried

Due to chronic dry mouth from medication, my dentist and doctor recommend I take 5-7 grams of xylitol in gum or candy form throughout each day. I’ve been trying lots of varieties of brands and flavors and Xyloburst has been the best to me by far. I also like the fact that they label their packaging as to how many grams or milligrams each piece has in its ingredients. The flavor in Xyloburst seems to last a bit longer than most others… and it’s fresh. Am looking forward to trying more of what Xyloburst has to offer in candy and gum.
PriscillaBettsville, OH

caries prevention

great product for all persons for caries prevention, young and old. Hard to find the appropriate concentration of xylitol in over the counter gum.
JeniceAlleman, IA

Great taste that doesn’t last

One gram of xylitol per piece of gum! That’s the reason I bought this gum. My dentist recommended xylitol products because they can prevent cavities. I first looked into Trident, but that only has a pittance of xylitol compared to this. This has ~5x as much as Trident. The taste is also great, much better than many other gums. It’s like munching into a sprig of mint. That being said, the taste does not last long.

If you’re looking for a gum that is good for you teeth and tastes great, give this a try.

EldonBuchanan Dam, TX

Perfect. Tasty. Cleaner mouth in 3 min.

This gum is perfect for me. I don’t want to chew and chew. This one, I chew 1 piece, 3 min later it’s tiny so I toss it out. And my mouth feels cleaner! Perfect.

I also notice less plaque growth.

12 packs, 12 pieces each pack. Great value!

I also tried cinnamon and peppermint.

LadawnOrestes, IN

Xylitol Gum

I like that this gum comes in handy packages. I don’t like that the flavor does not last very long, although that seems to be the case in most brands of true xylitol gum.
AndreMonterville, WV

Best sugar-free gum

This gum has terrific flavor, lasts as long (or longer) as the gums that contain poisonous aspartame, and does not get that nasty chalky rubber consistency and flavor that most other “natural” gums do after a couple of minutes.
So far I’ve only tried the Spearmint and Peppermint (very pepperminty), but judging by the quality of those two, will definitely be trying other flavors.
AlbinaSteele, AL