Yamama – Gyokuro


Quick facts

  • Gyokuro tea is one of the highest grades of tea in Japan and has a very delicate taste and fragrance
  • The tea leaves are shaded from the sun and come from young buds of only the finest & oldest plants
  • The delicate nature of gyokuro calls for a lower water temperature: 122 F-140 F ( 50C-60C) degrees
  • Steep tea for 2.5 minutes in teapot (not tea ball), tea leaves can be reused multiple times
  • Net Wt. 100 g (loose tea)

Top reviews


I’ve tried yamama’s gyokuro and sencha and all I have to say is if you like green tea this is it. Nice and emerald green with a delicious grassy flavor typical of real japanese tea. I actually prefer this over matcha.
SharilynMilford, OH