Yamamotoyama Apple Green Tea Pyramid Bag, 0.71-Ounce Boxes

Yamamotoyama tea bag products are 100% natural and Kosher Certified. Premium whole leaf tea packaged in biodegradable pyramid-shaped tea bags which allows tea leaves to fully infuse. Apple and Green Tea is the artful blending of Sencha green tea with crisp, sweet apple flavor. Savor the aroma as you sip this tea.

Quick facts

  • Whole leaf green tea with dried apples
  • All natural; Kosher Certified; antioxidants
  • Packaged in biodegradable pyramid-shaped tea bags which allows tea leaves to fully infuse

Top reviews

I had this tea at a restaurant and had to order it!

This is the best apple green tea that I’ve ever had. It has a wonderful nostalgic aroma yet a smooth taste and finish. It’s literally happiness in a cup for me. I love it.
ParisSycamore, KS

True Apple Taste

I have tried a number of apple green teas and have always felt a bit let down, until I met this one. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. You won’t taste cinnamon or any other spice that so commonly turns up in any teas that have apple in them. The apple flavor comes from the bits of real apple found in the flow through pyramid tea bag.

The green tea itself has a nice smooth flavor that goes so well with the very present, but not overpowering apple flavor. I like to put just a smidge of sugar in it and then sit back and enjoy. The only problem with this tea is that it often is hard to get. It’s a little costly, but in my opinion worth every penny. I highly recommend that you give it a try.

AdelinaDenhoff, ND

Most AMAZING tea

Strange how from time to time, a certain product will COMPELL you to actually go out of your way to write a review. Well, this one is it. I had sushi with a friend on Valentines Day, and, while plum wine is usually what we drink, I opted for a warm tea that day. This tea is absolutely exquisite from the design and texture of the pyramid teabag, to the granny smith apple notes. It is mild and delightfully smooth (whereas other green teas, you get a bitter green tea flavor) and, combined with the bits of granny smith apple, it made for yummy tasting tea. Heaven. It stands well on its own without sweetening (again, I’m thinking of all the other fruit teas i’ve tried from Celestial seasonings such as lemon zinger, that are way too sour and somehow require that you neutralize the acidic aftertaste with honey or creamer) this one is just perfect! Certainly takes the bordome out of ordering typical green tea. I recommend this one to anyone who does not typically like the taste of green tea, but is taking it for dietary reasons. Must order me some packs.
SheilahFrankenmuth, MI