Yanabah Navajo Tea – Caffeine Free Herbal Tea. 20 Tea Bags.

What is Navajo Tea? Navajo Tea is an all natural caffeine free herbal tea. The Navajo Tea plant is indigenous to the Southwest where it has been harvested from the wild by generations of Navajo people as well as other Native American tribes. What does it taste like? Navajo Tea has a smooth earthy flavor with a hint of natural sweetness. There is absolutely no bitterness which makes it a very pleasant and relaxing herbal tea to drink. It pairs perfectly with a bit of Agave nectar or honey which bring out delightful floral undertones. Is Navajo Tea healthy? There is a rich tradition among Navajo people of using Navajo Tea as an herbal remedy for colds, muscle stiffness, and anxious minds. Studies have revealed that Navajo Tea contains a flavonoid called Luteiolin which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Most importantly, it is a delicious herbal tea that is most often enjoyed simply for its taste and smell. Is Navajo Tea Caffeine Free? Yes. Like Chamomile or Rooibos, Navajo Tea is a caffeine free tea. Is it in tea bags? Each box of Yanabah Navajo Tea comes with 20 tea bags. Who is Yanabah? Our tea is named for our grandmother, Yanabah. Her traditional Native American ways were grounded in simplicity and beauty. Every summer she picked enough Navajo Tea from the high meadows of Northeastern Arizona to last through Fall and Winter. There was never a visit to Yanabah’s house which did not involve Navajo Tea. Today, Yanabah Tea is a Navajo owned family company.

Quick facts

  • Caffeine Free Herbal Tea. 100% All Natural
  • Navajo Tea grows wild on the Navajo Reservation. It has a pleasant, mild flavor which has been described as earthy and naturally sweet.
  • Navajo Tea is a natural Anti-Inflamatory used by Navajo people for joint pain, Stiffness, and general soreness. It helps calm nerves or soothe upset stomachs. Most importantly, it is a delicious caffeine free herbal tea.
  • Navajo Owned and Opperated Business

Top reviews

A new favorite!

I had this tea for the first time at Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. The night I had it at The View restaurant, I enjoyed it along with a sampler platter of traditional Navajo foods. It was so delicious and I had such a feeling of relaxation that evening, as if I had a glass of wine with dinner. (but I had nothing alcoholic that night). I wondered if I was feeling good just because I was enjoying the meal and the culture and scenery of the area….and I was on vacation! I bought a box to bring home with me, so I was very curious to see if I would experience that same feeling when I next consumed it. I tried it again after a rather stressful day and I found the same thing to be true again. I love this tea and will definitely be ordering some more when I run out!
BrandonCharleston, MS

delightfully soothing

I purchased a box of this tea when we were driving through Navajo country last year, not really knowing what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! The flavor is quite mild, coming as it does from a tisane of greenthread herb. I think of it as a very slightly smoky flavored chamomile type taste. If your stomach is upset or you’re feeling anxious and unsettled, you will notice an almost immediate difference if you drink a cup of this. I stretched out my box as long as I could because I was saving it for when I didn’t feel well, so it was a real delight to find that it is now available through Amazon. I don’t know if there are any real health claims made for this tea, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find that it is discovered to have potent medicinal properties.
JimmyHardinsburg, KY