Yankee Traders Brand, Cherry Vanilla Black Tea Loose * 2-8 Oz Bags

Two of the most popular flavors in the world, cherry and vanilla, come together to produce a wonderfully balanced brew. The succulent taste of ripe cherries and smoothness of the vanilla make a seductive flavor sensation.

Quick facts

  • 2 – 8 oz bags sealed, Yankee Traders Brand, Cherry Vanilla Black Tea
  • crisp and clear
  • china black tea
  • premium tea at the perfect price
  • makes excellent iced tea

Top reviews

Should be called “Toasty Tasty Cherry”

Since Republic of Tea discontinued their Bing Cherry Vanilla tea, I was looking for a replacement. The flavor of this tea is very different from Republics – it’s better. The smell is very rich, like toasted vanilla and cherry. It almost has a coffee smell, but not quite. I don’t like coffee, but this tea is incredible. Glad I found it. Best of all, the price!
BrittPort Aransas, TX

Good tea with strong cherry aroma

I really like this tea, but my husband smelled it and commented that it smells like Robitussin cough syrup. The taste is more subtle than the aroma. Overall, this tea tastes good and is a good value. It’s not the best tasting cherry vanilla or cherry tea I have ever tasted, but I would purchase it again.
ShawnaSedan, NM