Yerba Mate Tea ROSAMONTE One of Argentina’s finest and strongest Yerba Mate. One 2.2 LB (1 kilo ) package of Yerba Mate Rosamonte Save money with the price and the FREE Shipping and Handling.

Quick facts

  • Smoked Yerba Mate
  • Yerba Mate from Argentina with stems
  • Aged for 12 months

Top reviews

Good Cheap Mate

I usually buy my mate in smaller quantities from a small tea shop. I drink so much of it, I decided to try to buy some bulk mate to save money. I am almost finished with the bag already! This mate is very good for the price. If you let it steep in the gourd for awhile, it can get pretty strong as well! Will definitely be buying again, but I may try another variety first.
JolieCardinal, VA

Confusing nutrition label

I got turned on to Yerba Mate tea by a friend. I decided to order some of my own. I was happy to receive the product relatively quickly (a little over a week, but it was shipped from Argentina). I opened the package, and reviewed the nutrition label simply out of habit. I’m a low-carb dieter and it’s reflex now to flip a product over and review the nutrition info. I was shocked to see the label stating that it was 9grams of carbs per serving. I called a friend of mine, and asked her to look at her tea, and hers said 0 carbs, unless the tea itself was eaten (the leaves and such) and even then, it was 0.2grams per 1/2 cup. I’m not sure where the carbs in mine were supposed to come from, but the tea I had looked, smelled, and tasted just like my friends, so I threw caution to the wind and have been drinking it. Tastes great, and has a fresher, greener taste than regular iced teas. What I’ll do is take about 4-5 tablespoons, put them in a big tea bag, and use that amount to make approximately 2 gallons of tea. I let it boil awhile with the bag in it, and instead of coming out dark brown like regular tea does, it comes out dark green. It’s quite a refreshing change from sun tea and I drink it both hot and cold.
WillowMohawk, NY