Yoder’s Canned Premium Variety Pack

Fully cooked, ready-to-eat premium canned meat. 6 Different Meat in a variety case Including: 2 Cans of Beef Chunks 2 Cans Chicken Chunks 2 Cans Turkey Chunks 2 Cans Pork Chunks 2 Cans Hamburger 2 Cans Pork Sausage Chunks 21 Pounds of Meat!!

Quick facts

  • 28oz Pre-Cooked Meat / Can
  • 12 Cans total / 6 different meats
  • 10+ Year Shelf Life
  • USA Meat / USA Canned
  • Perfect for camping or emergencies

Top reviews

Convenient, delicious, and long shelf life

We’ve used Yoder’s canned meats for several years, mainly for quick meals when we come home late from the ball field and everyone is hungry. We also keep some on hand for emergencies since the meat is fully cooked and ready to eat without any lengthy preparations. I like that the cans contain only meat and salt, no added ingredients or preservatives. The liquid you find in the can is from the meat itself. I especially like that the cans have a very long shelf life if kept at normal household temperatures.

This variety pack is a great way to try canned meats and see for yourself how convenient and delicious they are. One thing to remember is that the meat has been pressure cooked in the can, so it won’t be all firm chunks when you use it. It has recognizable chunks, but some of it will be more like shredded meat. Each can contains 28 oz., which is plenty to feed a large family.

The beef chunks are great in curries and chili. I use the turkey and chicken in noodle casserole dishes, although the chicken also goes well in curry. The pork makes an awesome pulled pork sandwich with the addition of BBQ sauce. The pork sausage is wonderful in omelets, although I usually fry it a little and pour off the grease before adding eggs. I do the same pre-cooking with the hamburger, since it does have a little fat in it. After draining, I use the hamburger in dirty rice or spaghetti sauce.

I can’t recommend Yoder’s canned meats enough – the wholesome ingredients, the convenience of having precooked, shelf stable meats, and the variety are well worth the cost.

ElanaApollo Beach, FL