Yoga Pear Nectar – 23.7 oz

Enjoy the flavor of a natural pear beverage in the morning, afternoon or evening. Perfect as a breakfast drink or with a meal.

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If you’ve never tried Italian Yoga Juice, you’re missing out on something seriously spectacular. I tried one of these in Italy and drank nothing else for the entire trip. In the states we have nothing that even remotely compares to Yoga Juice. No juice has been able to satisfy the longing I feel for Yoga. I searched high and low trying to find an affordable way to have it shipped to me, because sadly this juice cannot be purchased in the U.S. My last resort was to have my family over there ship it, which would have been extremely expensive and unreliable. Then Ditalia made my YEAR. Offering three different flavors in two different sizes, Ditalia took great care in the packaging of these glass bottles to make sure that they arrived in tact. I ordered my Juice, and a week and a half later they were waiting for me outside of my apartment. I couldn’t be happier. Bravo Ditalia!
ToryChatham, MS