Yogi Tea Throat Comfort — 16 Tea Bags

Throat Health Support. Coats and Soothes Irritated Throat. Throat Comfort is a naturally sweet herbal supplement tea designed to support the respiratory system and soothe mucous membranes in the trachea, irritated by common, everyday stress. Their healing formula is made with Slippery Elm Bark and Mullein, favorite demulcents of Western and European herbalism prized for their mucilage content and usefulness in relieving minor irritation in the mucous membranes of the throat.The mucilaginous substances present in these demulcent herbs help to form a protective slippery coating along the throat’s mucous lining, which can be especially important for singers and public speakers. Their herbal supplement tea includes Black Cherry Bark for both its soothing effects and pleasant cherry flavor. This herb, native to North America, includes cyanogenic glycosides, such as prunasin, which help suppress spasms and soothe the muscles lining the bronchioles. To support respiratory function, the recipe has also been augmented with organic Licorice (Glyceryrrhiza glabra) and warming spices. Because Throat Comfort is naturally tasty, gentle and effective, both children and adults will enjoy it.

Quick facts

  • Throat Health Support
  • Yogi

Top reviews

Tasty & Good for You

Love the taste of this tea. It is an added bonus that it is herbal. Throat Comfort is especially soothing for the ubiquitous sore throat, but also if you are a singer. I just happened upon it, but most of my friends were already drinking it.
It’s good cold too.
DariaSkipwith, VA

just okay.

This tea is just okay. I bought it to try but I wasn’t impressed. Weak flavor is the main problem. If you like very mild herbal tea, this one is for you.
GemmaNorfolk, VA

Winter’s wellness

This Yogi tea is soothing and helpful with my winter’s wellness goals. Every time I have a dry throat or a tickle of toxic breath this blend takes care of me.
OttoVan Horn, TX


This stuff really worked for my son and for me. A sore throat can be so miserable and sometimes we just get tired of the taste of the numbing spray, but this really gave us a break.
ImeldaWestbrook, MN