Yorkshire Gold tea in tea bags-box 80 bags

Yorkshire Gold tea is Taylor’s of Harrogate finest blend. Their tea buyers select, very carefully, from the finest tea gardens in India, Africa, and Sri Lanka, so that this tea has even more flavor and character. Taylors is a family business, and also runs Betty’s Cafe Tea rooms. Tea is rich in antioxidants, and should be part of the healthy diet.

Quick facts

  • Taylor finest blend
  • Black tea from the finest tea gardens
  • Family business
  • Tea is rich in antioxidants
  • Drinking tea should be part of a health diet

Top reviews

This Tea has actually been around for years in the UK…

…but if Britain is seen as a nation of Tea drinkers then Yorkshire would be the county where Tea making and drinking takes on mythical status and seroius cultural meaning, the process is highly ritualised.

I was born in Yorkshire and as a child “Coffee” was a dirty word amongst my older relatives. Tea has to be strong, flavoursome and refreshing in Yorkshire and people embue it with medicianl properties. This product has long since been endoresed as the perfect Tea for the county and it is really good. Taylor’s, who make it, are a damn fine company and never cut corners in their art and craft.

ManyYpsilanti, MI

Great “work” tea

My favourite tea for the workday is Yorkshire Gold. The leaves are cut into small pieces to brew quickly. The taste is consistent box after box. I drink it from lunch onward. It has just the right amount of caffeine to keep me going without being wired. We are provided free tea bags which I pass up for my own Yorkshire Gold. Thank you Taylors of Harrowgate for this fine tea!
IsaPound, VA

A True Necessity….

A truly needful thing…morning, noon and night . LOVE this stuff . Perfection achieved .
CammieFreistatt, MO

Our visitors who tried it ask us for more…

I don’t know exactly how we ended up with a 160-bag box of tea Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire Gold Tea, 160-Count Tea Bags, but I think my first reaction was “well THAT will last us approximately forever.” HOWEVER, it instantly became, by far and away, the favorite tea in our household. I just searched for it on Amazon, relieved that we can order another box before those last few bags are gone. True to our ancestral Southern (US) roots, we sometimes drink it iced, but this tea truly shines as a “hot cuppa.” The flavor is smooth and full-bodied, and this tea really satisfies where the others don’t. If I were a tea connoisseur (or if I could even SPELL connoisseur without spell check) I could probably tell you why this tastes so much better than others, but there are good green teas and there are good black teas and THIS is a really good black tea. A friend of ours gets his Yorkshire Gold from a connection in England, so I am especially relieved to learn I don’t have to impose upon someone else’s friendship to score another box.
AnjelicaSidney, IL

Excellent Tea

This is the best tea i have had yet. It reminds me of a fine wine,very smooth and full bodied.I use milk and honey with it and i a cant get over how good the tea tastes.I finally found a great tea thanks to amazon and the reviews from consumers on products like these.
MarielBland, MO

My Favorite Black Tea

Simply the best ever, if you like your tea strong, black, never bitter and in a bag. The longer it sits, the darker it gets. Most mornings, I use one bag to make a very large cup (equal to 2 regular teacups for most folks). A single bag can make 4 cups, or a teapot, if you don’t like it as strong. I then microwave to re-heat a cup at a time, or use it to make excellent iced tea.
FlorineHamer, SC

English Tea

A good English tea, I purchased 6 boxes of Scottish Breakfast Tea by TH at the same time, both are quite good.
RonniWellesley Island, NY

Great Tea!

The best tea I’ve ever had. It reminds me of being back in England and my English friends tell me it’s what they drink. Two thumbs up here!
BrittNoel, MO

Great tea!

This is a wonderful black tea — definitely deserving of the royal seal! I brew mine for 4-5 minutes then add a little milk.
ThaoYork Beach, ME

Real Gold

I have yet to taste a tea as golden, malty, and rich in flavor as Yorkshire Gold. It is truly a head-to-toe drinking experience!
ElmerFredericksburg, PA


The product was fantastic.I,ve been to london many times.taste like original, 4stars.If u find any better brand of london tea,pls let me know.
LeilaniAvondale, PA